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Tie Poes

I detest typographical errors, hereafter known as typos. Don’t worry, I won’t track you down and chop you to pieces if you make them. But I’m not as forgiving with my own. Mine set my teeth on edge. I’ve likened them to spinach in my teeth. As such, I would expect you to kindly let me know it’s there.

Ties from Zazzle.com

Feel free to point out any typos you see on this blog. I will thank you—and scramble to correct them. Now, I have something bigger than this blog out in the world. I have a novel. I know a few people have read it, but so far, no one has emailed me to point out typos.

However, I did have a phone conversation with a reader yesterday during which she said she had found “a missing period, a repeated word, and two or three instances of pronoun confusion.” Did she cite chapter and verse? No. She didn’t mark or list them. ARRGGHH!!!

I discovered an error two days ago, while photographing pages for another project. At some point, I’ll upload a corrected file for the printer, so I’d just as soon take care of any other problems at the same time.

Please, if you read my book and find a typo of any sort, let me know. Okay? Consider this a treasure hunt. Maybe an egg hunt would be more appropriate in this season. A rotten egg hunt.

Now, excuse me while I head back to my cave to continue working on the next novel. I’m writing this one without a single typo. (ha ha, hee hee, lol)

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18 thoughts on “Tie Poes”

  1. By the time I receive my printed copy I’m sure someone will have located and directed you to any oversights, but if I spot something I’ll let you know.

    Brocolli is the culprit that tends to take residence in my teeth.


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