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Crank up the cello and listen for the words!

A sick seven-year-old has graced me with her full-day presence the past two days. Now, I’m behind on all things computer based, including email. I’m not complaining about the time spent with my little prolific reader. She’s amazing. (That’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.)

Of course, since I had no time to write during the days,  The Muse picked that time to come calling. I’d been mulling over a short story idea for a while, but suddenly a few key pieces fell into place.

So the last two nights, when I disconnected and slipped some YoYo Ma cds in the player, the words flowed along with the notes. The first night I totaled 902 words. Last night I added 436 more.

I know some of you knock out more words than that daily, and I have too in the past, but I’ve had some trouble getting back in the groove. I’m please with my progress on this story. Whether this story will end up a winner is still open. As stubborn as I am, I won’t give up on it easily.

By the way, I’m unclear on using a famous person in fiction. I’m using an actor’s name and likeness, but he only exists in my MC’s dreams. Anyone know the rules on that?

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24 thoughts on “Crank up the cello and listen for the words!”

  1. yay you wrote!! How does it feel? More like your old self?

    Yes, music plays a huge part in my writing life. When a few days have passed without good writing time I tend to crank up the cello too, and does it really get things moving for me! I love it!

    For some reason the only book I can think of is the vamp series by Charlaine Harris (i think is the name), the sookie books, with elvis in it, but does she ever name him, or is it just inferred? That said, I have no idea if you need permission to use the name in a novel. No help.


    1. It’s still not a complete story, Jennifer, but yes, it felt good. I felt like a writer again. 🙂

      I haven’t read Charlaine Harris’ series, but I think I’ve read books with famous characters. I just can’t recall them right now.


  2. That’s pretty advanced reading material for a seven-year-old! I’m impressed! I have no idea about rules regarding use of famous people’s names. I always try to change the name of any brand name to sound similar but not exactly the same, so that’s probably what I would do with famous people.


    1. I’m certain I couldn’t have read books like that when I was seven … of course, that was back in the stone ages when what they taught in second grade is what they teach now in Kindergarten. But she is advanced; she tests at a 6th grade reading level.

      I don’t think the story will work as well without using the real actor’s name. Then again, maybe I’m taking the easy way out. Hmmm …


  3. I read fiction all the time with famous names being dropped. Elvis seems to pop up a lot. People write flat out lies about him and get away with it. The book I’m currently reading has him resurrected and flipping burgers at a fast food joint. I personally name famous people but my book isn’t published (yet), but I doubt I’m breaking any rules.


    1. I haven’t read that book, Tricia, but I’m sure I’ve read others. I’m not making this actor do anything scandalous. This is why I can’t write a first draft. I start questioning and run off to do research. 😕


  4. I seem to remember a lecturer saying something about celebrities don’t care if they are painted in a lovely light so to speak.


  5. “The Serial Killer Actor” … sounds like a good working title. 🙂

    Being preoccupied probably is what the muse was suggesting. Since I primarily write technical reports, sometimes I have to be creative in the sense of not repeating what I’ve written before (especially if it involves the same client). If in one report, if I’ve written “the data make no sense”, the next time I probably need to write the “data are suspect to erroneous interpretation and reliability”. Sometimes it takes about two or three hours to craft that passage, other times it just flows out. For me, the best writing is done when the mind has been diverted.


    1. Yes, fivecats, it does seem that sometimes the best way to spark the writing is to get away from it. Still, it’s frustrating when you have words you want to work with and can’t.

      About the Serial Killer Actor … I guess he could kill off any other actor in the running for a part he wants, huh? That sounds familiar, though. 🙂


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