It’s on sale! In case you didn’t notice the bright orange notice over there in the sidebar, The Brevity of Roses is on sale. It’s a perfect summer read!

6 thoughts on “Sale!”

  1. You have been so thorough in explaining the structure of self-publishing, how does discounting figure in the strategy? No doubt it increases the sales, but are there other pros and cons? Like a movie, I suspect, you don’t want to go “straight to dvd” and miss those first run ticket sales. ‘Esplain please. (Another book idea for you might be “A Self-Publishing Primer”?)


    1. I’m afraid my sale decision is not as scientific as you think, John. Some products debut at a discount or with some special offer. Some go on sale periodically. Some drop the price after the initial sale period. I had my initial burst of sales, and now my objective is to reach more readers. I just figured that, in the Northern hemisphere, this is vacation time and readers might be looking for a good read, so it’s a perfect time for a sale.


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