Versatile and irresistibly sweet?

My email inbox is an abyss. If I don’t respond immediately, I’m likely to either think that I did, or forget I ever received the email. Two months ago Kate Cardon Parish awarded this blog the Versatile Blogger Award. Her email arrived during the comment blitz after WordPress Freshly Pressed one of my posts and was promptly buried in all those email notices.

Recently, Hannah Fergesen awarded this blog the Irresistibly Sweet award. Both rules for these awards state that I must share 7 random facts about myself and pass the award on to 15 other blogs. I’ll combine the rules, meaning I’ll reveal only 7 facts, not 14, and share them with only 15 bloggers, not 30. So, read the enthralling tidbits about me and then go visit Kate and Hannah’s excellent blogs. Then, visit the blogs listed below. Or be rebellious and do none of the above.

  1. I don’t like the taste of coffee … in any form.
  2. I get anxious when I sweat.
  3. The first book I ever checked out of a public library was A Mouse in the House. (Not the book currently in print.)
  4. I have seen a ghost.
  5. By the age of 26, I was the mother of four boys.
  6. I can’t swim.
  7. I’ve worn the same shade of nail polish on my toes for 38 years. It’s by Revlon, and they change the color name from time to time.

Now aren’t you glad you stopped by my blog today? I mean, really, how could you have lived the rest of your life not knowing those facts about me?

Okay, I’m supposed to pass these awards on to 15 blogs, but I know some of you already have these awards or don’t do “fun” posts. If so, ignore the rules and just consider this a shout out to your blog. And I’ll add one extra for luck. New and old friends, in no particular order:

  1. Kayla Olson
  2. Michelle Davidson Argyle
  3. Christa Polkinhorn
  4. T.A. Olivia
  5. Natasha Drew
  6. Jennifer Neri
  7. Laura Best
  8. Amanda Hoving
  9. Cathryn Grant
  10. Christi Craig
  11. Trisha Sutton
  12. Kasie West
  13. Candice Kennington
  14. J.C. Hart
  15. Heather Simone
  16. Judy Croome

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31 thoughts on “Versatile and irresistibly sweet?

  1. I love your continued willingness to share your experiences as a self-published author. That is a goal I have for myself. So, it’s wonderful to read your very helpful and inspirational posts.


    1. Thank you, Kate. 🙂 I started this blog to share my progress as a writer. At that time, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would care to read about that, but if it helps other writers, then I’m blessed.


  2. #1 and 5 have me wondering about you. 🙂

    Once I’ve tried a color of polish, I don’t want it anymore. This must mean you are more loyal than I am.

    Thanks for the blogger award. Not sure about the sweet one, though. That doesn’t fit me at all. 🙂


    1. Didn’t I write about that once? Hmmm. Well, briefly, this was when we lived in a turn of the century house (last century, not this one). I was home alone working on a painting in the corner of our dining room I called my “studio”. Off to my right, was the stairway to the second level. I turned to my left for a different brush and when I turned back to the painting I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Without raising my head, I turned it slightly to get a better look and saw the bottom of a women’s dress and her shoes. I sat frozen for a moment. I was too scared to look up. In fact, I dropped everything and ran over to my neighbor’s. Then I was too embarrassed to tell her why I was paying her a surprise visit. 🙂


  3. Congrats on the awards. Loved this, how lovely you had 4 boys, always wished I could have had at least one, but not meant to be for me. I only learnt to swim in my late 30’s and I do it badly. Love the nail polish thing too and I too have seen at least one ghost, plus experienced visitations by loved ones who’ve passed on.


    1. Glad to see you out and about, Alannah. 🙂 Swimming badly is better than not at all. You know, when my father died a few years ago, I really hoped he would visit. If he did, I don’t think I sensed it. I hope your visits were comforting.


      1. You never know Linda. Perhaps he was there with you in a quiet gentle way. I never experienced anything after my grandmother died, however, a year after she’d passed on, I dreamt I saw her in a cafe, and she was young as she had been once in a photograph I’d seen. That to me, was a sign she was okay.

        Not around much because I have a nerve compression on right hand, it’s hard to write so I am mostly lurking for the time being 😦


        1. I did have a dream, Alannah, where he was talking to me, but I was afraid to look at him and when he kissed my cheek it terrified me awake. Also, for about a year after he died, almost everytime I glanced at the clock all the numbers were the same: 5:55, 2:22, 11:11, etc. It was far above the usual chances of that happening and I thought it might be a message from him, but I never figured out what. Maybe I’m too dense for the departed to communicate with. 😕


  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Linda. 🙂 No matter how I say this it will sound whiny, but I’m really drowning right now so I have to pass on the trivia. I’m definitely mesmerized by your toenail polish fact, so thanks for the info (truly — it’s very entertaining)! #whine #whine #whine


    1. No problem, Cathryn, your blog is more serious than mine anyway. I’m thinking about what you might do with the nail polish trivia … like a flash about a woman who freaks when she can’t find the polish color she can’t live without. 😉


  5. Ohh, thank you, Linda. I love that you have used the same nail polish for so many years. It’s funny how we find things we like and that’s it. I’m that way with my lipstick. It has to be the same one or I won’t wear it. lol. I need to go think up 7 facts about myself now. hmmm? This could be interesting. 🙂


  6. Fun! I’m just plowing through email and blogs after being on the road for the past two weeks and it will take me a while to catch up with everything…
    too am interested in your nail polish.


  7. Aw – thanks! What a nice cap to a lovely week. I was gifted with a little unscheduled surprise time with the hubbie. Needless to say, I’ve neglected email and such, but I’m catching up now.

    I remember the first book I selected on my own at the bookstore, even which bookstore. But, I don’t remember the first book I ever checked out on my own either at the school or public libraries. It is interesting that both of our memories, although different, are the same because they involve a first choice experience.


    1. How nice that you had a surprise last week, T.A. I wondered why you were “missing”. 🙂

      My family was not a bookish one. I don’t remember buying or owning any books until I was an adult. No, wait, I bought John Lennon’s books as a teen. Anyway, the library paid a big role in my life.


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