e-Reader polls revisited!

Nine months ago, in the midst of weighing the pros and cons of self-publishing, I asked you to vote in some polls on e-readers. At that time, I did not own an e-reader, but later received a Kindle as a gift. I imagine some of you have since either acquired one or changed your thoughts on them, so I thought it appropriate to revisit three of those polls and to add a new one.

I’ve used the generic terms e-reader and e-books in these poll questions.

  • If you vote Other in Poll #2, please explain under Comments.
  • If you do not yet own an e-reader, but use a reader app, please respond in Poll #3. Examples of reader apps are Kindle or Nook for PC or Mac, and Stanza for iPhone.

Absentee votes? May I ask those of you who prefer to read my posts “secretly” to please participate? Come to the blog and vote. I promise, you will remain anonymous.

Polls will close on 18 July, 2011

Thank you for participating. If I could ask one more favor, would you please re-tweet this post? More votes result in a better research sample.

Please feel free to discuss these polls in the comments section.

29 thoughts on “e-Reader polls revisited!

  1. Twitter says there’s a problem, but I’ll try to RT again later. I’m interested to see this year’s results compared to last. I know some people who have recently switched to reading on a device, but I also know others who have migrated back to printed copies, citing the experience is more enjoyable. But as always I’d love to see where the majority of readers are on this issue.


  2. I read all of my books digitally, either on CD, Itunes books, or downloaded onto an Ipod from the local library. The are all commercially produced printed books first.


  3. I recently bought a Nook and wrote about how it is a major shift in my thinking. The Nook Color is not just an e reader. I use it for emails and anything that I would normally do on my computer without having to tote my laptop around.


  4. Have taken the poll – results interesting! Just want to add that I’ve put iPad2 as my xmas/birthday/anniversary present this year (They all happen within a week so I only get one present but it’s REALLY big!) So will be using iPad and Kindle.

    Also, have retweeted and facebooked about it!

    Judy, South Africa


  5. After weighing the Kindle vs Nook, I ended up going with the Nook because I like that I can also get books from my public library. The Kindle didn’t have that option.

    PS – love the new theme design.


    1. Kindle promises to be library friendly by the end of the year, Jacquelin. I’ll be screaming if they’re not!

      Thank you. I’m hoping to tweak it to make it even prettier … if I can find the time. Time has speeded up, right?


  6. Love your new theme! I answered your poll but the questions don’t quite fit… I have an iPad and a Macbook. I have the Kindle app on the iPad and read a lot of Kindle books there. Very satisfying/satisfied. My Macbook operating system is too old for the Kindle app 😦 , and I’m nursing the Mac along as long as I can before buying whatever the latest iteration of the iPad will be when my laptop finally kicks off. (Bought a full-size Apple wireless keyboard to use with the iPad and have a simple word processing app on the iPad so it’s really a great second computer.)

    BUT seeing people reading their Kindles and Nooks on the beach (which doesn’t work with the iPad) makes me a little envious. Maybe I’ll buy a dedicated e-reader with my royalties from Just Desserts, heh heh.


    1. Well shoot, Natasha, I never get the poll questions right, do I? 🙂 So, you voted for iPad as your reader, but is it understood that you have to use an app to read books on it?

      Don’t joke about your royalties … you never know. 😉


      1. Yes, I downloaded the Kindle app for the iPad. Yeah, and royalties – many moons ago I wrote some stuff one summer and then forgot all about it. Every year for about five years after I’d get this surprise check a couple of weeks before Christmas.

        You never know. 🙂

        Smashwords asked a FB question yesterday about who you’d want to play your characters in the movie and it’s been fun to think about that one, too.


        1. You forgot about royalties, Natasha?!?! The total way-out, woowoo, insane me likes to believe that by this Christmas I’ll be receiving royalties to rival J.K. Rowling’s. Might as well dream big, huh? 😀

          I didn’t see that on Smashwords, but it’s fun to think about. My choice for Meredith changed three times while writing, and then became a sort of jumble of all. I never quite found a fit for Renee. I don’t think any actor would suit me for Jalal … though it might be fun auditioning them. Shhhh, I did not say that. 😉


  7. Voted and re-tweeted! FYI-I have a Kindle and and Ipad but the poll allows only one pick. I picked Kindle because that’s what I mostly use. Very interesting poll!


  8. Voted and tweeted. The questions didn’t quite fit, because I also read on a smart phone even though I have an iPad. The smart phone for standing in lines, waiting for people who are running late, etc.

    I like the new theme. It’s very clean and summery.


    1. Thank you, Cathryn. Did you vote in both those polls? I do the same. I read on my Kindle, but when I don’t have it with me, I read with the Kindle app on my phone.

      Glad you like the change. I knew the minute it debuted on WordPress, I wanted to switch. 🙂


  9. My husband bought me a Nook for my birthday this year. Our bookshelves were overflowing and an e-reader seemed cheaper than moving! I love it! I’m an instant gratification kind of girl and being able to purchase a book I’ve been waiting for at one minute after midnight on the day it comes out has been fabulous. It’s also fits easily in my purse and it’s far better in bed than a traditional book—I didn’t intend for that to sound dirty! 🙂


    1. Did you get the Nook color, savesprinkles? I can already see that the poll results this year are quite different from last year. So many more people have e-readers now.

      Far better in bed, huh? *lol* 😀


  10. I finally got around to voting. I have an app on my Iphone but I hate reading on it. Sometimes I have no choice. I will buy a Kindle after I’ve jumped over this huge unemployment hurdle. One thing at a time.


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