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If life hands you a lemon … just whine on your blog!

In the midst of writing a thoughtful post pondering why we write fiction, I answered my own question, rendering the post moot. So now, I’m writing a ten-minute free-write glimpse into my mind and hoping it doesn’t result in someone calling for the butterfly net. Okay, go!

I am afraid to write my next book. I spend just about as much time talking myself out of it as I do writing it. It’s not because I think Brevity is so fabulous that I can’t hope the next one will live up to it. I think it’s more that I fear Brevity is as good as I can write. And yet—and I think I said this to someone once—how will I know unless I try? ‘Tis a conundrum.

The other day, I saw someone on Twitter, or maybe Facebook, bemoan that they were too old to still be getting zits. I feel that way about a lot of things. I’m too old to be so socially awkward. I’m too old to be so indecisive. I’m too old to be such a … wimp. That’s what I feel like. Grow up, already!

I haven’t been back to Indiana since my father died five years ago today. I will be going there next week, and I’m reluctant. I think, in some tiny corner of my mind, I like to believe he’s still there. Plus, my mother’s health has deteriorated since he died and the last time she came here to visit, and I don’t want to face that. I’m a coward. But my youngest son will be receiving his PhD at Ball State, so go I will.

How maudlin. Let’s move on.

Everyone on Twitter is talking about Google+ … except me. You had to be invited to join. My invitation got lost in the email, I guess.* Or maybe it’s just for Blogspot bloggers. People are setting up circles, apparently. The rumor is, circles will replace Facebook … or is it Twitter? … or both? I will probably never know. I think I’m a square.

But really, do I need more social networking? I said to someone this morning … or was that yesterday … that I feel like I’m whirling around constantly and I expect to pass myself eventually. I probably won’t recognize me, though. I still think I’m young and thin and look like I have a clue.

Time’s up. Now I have to figure out what sort of illustration will fit this bizarre post.

If you can find anything above to comment on … have at it. Please.

*Shortly after I wrote this, I received an invitation to join Google+ … now, will someone explain the circle thing to me?

40 thoughts on “If life hands you a lemon … just whine on your blog!”

  1. Oh, the joys of whining, haha. I know how you feel about writing the next book. I was going to do a post about this on my blog soon, so this should be my little nudge to do so! My hubby, who’s an actor, calls it the “second-show slump.” Happens with every play, he says. Anyway, you’ll never know unless you try. If you truly want a writing career, the only way to do that is to keep writing. If the book doesn’t turn out, just write another one. 🙂


  2. Michelle and Linda, I can relate. I just published my second novel and now, I’m in the “second-show slump” – well it’s more like the “third-show slump.” In other words, it isn’t just the second book, it seems to happen after every book. But, on the bright side, that too will pass (I hope at least….).


  3. “Second-show slump.” I like that phrase! But it’s so true. I haven’t even gotten to the first-show yet, and it still terrifies me to try to embark on something as big as finishing a novel and publishing it. Terrifying, but exciting, too. I just tell myself to take a deep breath, buckle up, and jump right in.


  4. I am just reading back here and there and don’t know how I missed this one – this very important one because if I had your way with words I would have written the exact same. It made me chuckle because you could have been I writing about me! 🙂


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