Be it ever so humble …

First, I want to thank all who took the time to read my short story, “Perchance to Dream“. I didn’t mean to leave that post up so long. I had hoped to publish a new one this past Sunday, but during my time spent in Indiana, I had even less internet access than I thought I would. I returned to my Pacific Time home yesterday afternoon, exhausted, and went to bed still on Eastern Time. After ten hours sleep, I feel almost normal. So I’m up before dawn writing this post.

Today’s photo is of my son and his grandmother (my mother), taken after his doctoral commencement at Ball State University. That ceremony was the highlight of my trip, of course. The next day, we had a big Syrian dinner with my husband’s family where both the wine and conversation flowed like water. Most of my time away, I spent with my mother and two sisters in the home we moved into when I was fifteen.

It’s always a weird experience when you return to a place that never changes. No, my mother hasn’t kept everything the same since the late 60’s, but the décor in La Maison de Cassidy, for the most part, has not changed since the 80’s. Every mirror where I checked my hair, makeup, and clothes on high school mornings and before weekend dates still hangs where it did then. Unfortunately, I look completely different in them now.

Okay, it’s now over three hours later and I still haven’t finished this post. Life intervened. But what’s life without life? I do have a few writing-related things on my mind, so expect a bit more meat next time.

… there’s no place like home.

18 thoughts on “Be it ever so humble …

  1. now when someone says “is there a doctor in the house?” you can volunteer your son.

    [but I’m sure it would depend on the kind of emergency]

    welcome home. And btw you may have given me an inkling of a story idea concerning those mirrors…. *strokes chin and looks off into the distance*


  2. It’s always good to get back home. The eastern time zone and I do not cooperate well.

    Your “Perchance” short has me seriously considering in posting a short story series here with WP.


    1. Fivecats, I can’t imagine how it would be to travel often and deal with changing time zones. I think I’d be a constant zombie.

      Good luck, if you decide to publish your story series. I go back and forth on it … publishing, then deleting. Just be aware that if you publish on your blog, some editors consider that a use of “first electronic rights”.


  3. Linda, firstly I can’ believe your son is THAT BIG!! He’s a grown up and you just don’t look old enough!! :O

    Secondly, how does his doctorate work? When you say “commencement” does that mean he’s already been awarded the doctoral degree or has just started it?

    If it’s the first WELL DONE to all of you – a doctorate is not just achieved by the student, but with the support of all around him!

    If it’s the second, good luck to all of you – as I know from Husband’s studies, it’s a hard road, but such a worthwhile one!

    Judy, South Africa


    1. Judy, that’s my youngest son, so double thank you for saying I look too young to be his mother! 😀 He received his degree. He could have received it a year ago, but his committee chair is apparently a snail in disguise. 😉


  4. Lovely post Linda and thanks for sharing. My family home is no longer – mother and father both dead – so I can’t go back and sleep in my old room anymore.


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