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No ebook giveaway, no new blog, but I do have rudeness!

I think this has to be the weirdest post I’ve ever published. I wrote this post a few days ago, but have had to edit it twice since then because two of the things it announced became invalid. For one, I had planned to announce an ebook giveaway this morning, but the site featuring the giveaway is having problems. The problem may—or may not—be resolved by the time you read this, so I’ll leave this announcement intact.The new blog thing? Well … read on.

The Brevity of Roses is now featured on Tony Eldridge’s blog as a Sunday Kindle Giveaway. The free eBook offer runs for one week, so if you’d like to win a copy, go leave a comment by August 27th. And while you’re there, take a look around the site.

Are self-publishers rude? I’ve read posts on a few blogs lately, as well as in recent comments on this blog, that some self-publishers act less than professional. I read an excellent post a couple days ago titled How Self-Publishers Can Mind Their Manners. I’d hate to see Amazon banish the Indies to the “kid’s table” as Catherine Ryan Howard puts it.

I spent all day Friday and Saturday trying to implement a brilliant idea I had. Well, not so brilliant as it turned out. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting another blog. Some days I have something I’d like to say that has nothing to do with being a writer. In the past, I’ve written such posts and then wrangled in some questionable link to writing. To avoid that, I’d decided to change this blog to a pseudo-website with a split personality.

I had already registered the blog, picked out a theme for it, wrote new posts for both blogs, and made graphics for the new “front page” of this blog. Then I did a lot of behind the blog stuff with new nested pages, featured images, constructed new widgets, etc. etc., etc. All of it gave me headache.

In the end, I decided to let things stay as they are! Maybe someday, I’ll shake things up, but for now, you might see more “Let’s just chat about life.” posts than usual here. Maybe I’ll even get serious once in awhile.

9 thoughts on “No ebook giveaway, no new blog, but I do have rudeness!”

  1. Works for me! Whatever you want to talk about is fine. For me, another blog means more work. If you want to have a day where you discuss other things, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. After awhile it comes less about the subject matter and more about the person doing the writing that draws me in.
    Enjoy Sunday and have a great week, my friend.



  2. Thanks for the link to the excellent Howard article. I do agree with the fear that Amazon will filter self-pubbed works more/differently in the future. AND that we are at a lucky point right now where we can make our works available to a wide audience so easily.

    I think your blog is lovely as is. If someone comes to your site one day and isn’t interested in your recipe for bacon mustard chips, well, they’ll just come back another day for your thoughts on writing.

    While I enjoy reading your blog, if updating it means it’s keeping you from writing your next novel – it’s your call, of course, but I hope you keep writing your next novel.


    1. Yes, Natasha, it’s sobering to think of my books being shunted off to the “junk” category at Amazon simply because they aren’t NY approved. And now that Amazon has set its sights on becoming one of those big-time NY publishers, I think we have even more reason to watch our steps.

      Bacon mustard chips, huh? I hadn’t thought of adding bacon. 😉

      Blogging didn’t keep me from writing Brevity, so I don’t expect it to stop me from writing the next book. But two blogs might have, so it’s better I nixed that “brilliant” plan.


  3. We could spend a lifetime speculating what will happen to the industry. A year ago, they said publishing and printed books were dead, but according to an article that I read yesterday, the printed book is on the rise again. So who knows?

    It’s best for a writer’s sanity to keep his/her focus on writing and let the industry figure itself out. Writers are powerless to control what will happen anyway. It’s readers who have the power to demand their needs are met and unfortunately, what writers want and what readers need are not always in alignment.

    Just keep writing, writing, writing. 😀


    1. I certainly don’t have the gift to predict the future of publishing, T.A. Actually, until I tried querying agents, I was far behind the times in my view of book publishing. You’re right about how we should occupy our time. It doesn’t matter what the future holds for publishing, if we don’t have books written. 🙂


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