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Welcome to the Jumble

In other words, welcome to the inside of my head. (That reads as a total non sequitur if you didn’t read the title of this post.) Anyway, I’m blogging today about a few little things rolling around in my mind.

Yesterday, I downloaded my first library book to my Kindle. It was almost as exciting as getting my first library card eons ago. The print book has been on my request list for two months and I estimated it would have taken another two months before I got to the top of the waiting list. As soon as I found out Amazon had worked things out with Overdrive to allow downloads to Kindle, I added it to my library’s eBook waiting list and five days later, I got notice it was available to download.

My youngest son and his wife bought tickets for my husband and I to fly to visit them in the exotic locale of Lincoln, Nebraska. My son warned us there isn’t a lot to do there, but we don’t mind. It will be the first time we’ve seen them at their home in Lincoln, and we’ll be happy just to sit and talk. He said we might go apple picking, and I realized later, he’s the only son I ever picked apples with and that was thirty years ago.

I don’t know what to think about the new Facebook. I don’t really understand the Subscriptions thing. The Lists, I get because it’s like Google+ circles. When I post a status update, I can choose which of my lists it goes to, but what if I reply to a friend’s status? Do all my Lists see that? People are posting all sorts of scary messages about the increased privacy invasion with the new Facebook, so I’m a little paranoid now. Some people are complaining about the new Ticker, but I don’t even see it on my Home or Wall. If all my friends and family would move to Google+, I’d just forget about Facebook. Well … I do  like to play Gardens of Time or Bejeweled Blitz when I need to veg.

All right, except for this short story I’m struggling with, those are about the most interesting marbles rolling around in my brain today. What’s in yours?

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jumble”

  1. I was one of the few people who said that I loved E-readers & tradition be damned! With that said I have such great memories of going to the library I am a little conflicted about getting library books through my Kindle. It’s official, I’m a hypocrite!.


  2. I had my windows cleaned and got new glasses, which seems to have opened my vision in lots of ways. That changed the energy around me, I think. Clearing some clutter and dirt does wonders! I am working up to writing a novel in November, again.


    1. Oh yes, Mary Jean, it’s almost November when a lot of writers NaNo and I clean house. Decluttering seems like a good idea to me right now. I might not wait for November. Congrats on getting things in order. 🙂


  3. I only passed through Lincoln years ago on I-80. If you like to see fields of corn as well, you should like. 🙂

    FB, Google+, Twitter: there must be a reason to all the settings, or may be not. Blogging is the most “social” I will be. 😉


  4. Linda,

    1. How does the library Kindle thing work? Do you only have it for a limited time and if so, how do they do that?

    2. I’ve been to Lincoln, Nebraska, but I never picked a Nebraska apple. Happy trails to you!

    3. This is the first time I honest to goodness want to leave Facebook forever. On Google + I post many things as public, but I made that decision when I posted them, not two years later nit picking my entire history. What frustrates me the most is that I spent all this time gathering my “fanpage” followers and I don’t know a way to keep that going if I disarm the prior.

    However, I do have one idea that “could” work and I’m tempted to give it a try–setting up an entirely new profile, making that profile admin and then disengaging my official page. How nuts is that?


    1. Hey, Victoria!

      1. I did this all online, and I think that’s the only way you can do it. On my library’s main page there’s a link to Download, so I went there and then searched for books I wanted. If the book is available right then you put it in your “cart”, if not, you put it on hold and they send you an email when it’s ready to download. I don’t know how it works for other devices, but for Kindle, when the book is ready to download, it actually takes you to the Amazon site where you download it, but it didn’t go directly to my Kindle. It saves to a folder on your computer and then you transfer it by USB to your Kindle. The check out period is three weeks and then I guess it disappears from your Kindle.

      As far as I understand, you can check out these books to read on other devices (like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc.) and to read on your computer. You can also check out available audiobooks.

      3. I’m not sure I understand your idea … but maybe that’s because I’ve never really understood the fan page thing anyway. But if you made a new profile, how would that be connected to your fan page? You could try asking all your fans to make the move over to Google+. I don’t really have that many “fans”, and I think about half of them are already in my Plus circles. My biggest problem is that most of my extended family is on Facebook.


      1. Wow, libraries are amazing. I’m very curious to hear how this all works out for you. It seems so odd to be able to “check out” a virtual book and have it go *poof* when the date is up. I donate regularly to library funds via late fee.

        Okay, so I’m not going to go into the gritty details of what I did on Facebook because I must say, it wasn’t easy. However, it worked. So, now I have a new public space with 1 friend and very little else to show for it. The plus side–I get to keep my fan page because I worked for those who are there. 🙂

        I’ve been considering it for a while, but until I read your post did I actually have the gumption to go ahead. Thanks, Linda!


        1. Victoria, I don’t know if it will “poof” or it just won’t open after 3 weeks. We’ll see. I used to not feel bad about my late fees because I thought they were going to a library fund to buy new books, but one day the librarian told me they go to a general city fund and only a set portion of that goes to the libraries. 😦 Now, I try hard to get my books back on time.

          I’ve been watching your progress on Facebook tonight. So, if I understand you right, you added your new profile as an admin to your fan page, then closed your original personal profile. So your new profile you’ll basically leave unused?


          1. I am very disappointed to hear about the city fund. That’s thievery.

            And yes, for the most part, but not entirely. I am using the new profile, only keeping it more open to the public than in the past since that’s what’s happening anyway, more like G+ ish.


          2. I’m sitting here laughing tonight because I feel a little drunk trying to figure out what you’re doing. 😀 I don’t even know how we’re connected on FB. I see your Pennyjars posts on my personal page, but I don’t see Pennyjars in my friends list. How can that be? You’ve “liked” my fanpage as E Victoria Flynn, but I can’t reciprocate because that’s not your fanpage and I don’t know which profile your fanpage is under!


          3. You are hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever had an official blog comment conversation that’s lasted so long. Penny Jar is my fan page, you’re already there and I’m on yours. Now we’re friends too, so I think we’re straight. But since Facebook ate any semblance of sanity I may have once had…let’s say Good Night. 😀


      2. Linda, thanks for reminding me about library books and Kindle. I bought (went over to the dark side, some of my friends would say) a Kindle about 6 months ago because I am traveling so much and have read more than I have in the past 3 years. I love it.

        And when I read a review about a book I like, I add it to my Amazon cart to keep it on my list. I doubt I’ll go back.


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