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To October … the glorious beginning!

Listen … do you hear that? The birds, rejoicing at the cooler air, have started singing again. Yesterday, my breakfast consisted of hot chocolate and buttered toast. The leaves are only just beginning to turn colors where I live, but it won’t be long before they flash some autumnal glam.

For most of the Northern Hemisphere, October signals the true end of summer, but October is my birthday month, so it’s always heralded a beginning for me. At my age, I don’t look forward to tallying up one more birthday, except to give thanks that I made it through another year, so I’ll focus on a beginning.

Let this be the beginning of the year I finally get it all together. Let this be the year I gather my harvest. Let this be the year I cease my struggling to be, and just BECOME.

I leave you with one version of my poem in honor of the season epitomized by October.


Undeniably, Autumn
looks a bit blowsy
at first glance, with wind-blown hair
of reds and golds and gaze of brazen blue.
You might well mistake her
for a fallen woman,
voluptuous and tipsy
with the fruit of her labors.
Her raucous laughter
takes you by surprise,
takes you in,
takes you under
her wings, soar
on high now you see
this is no slut, no slouch, no lazy woman,
this is strength and honor,
her ease well-earned,
her vibrant abandon deserved,
her motherhood fulfilled,
the harvest plenty.
She’s come back to herself, discovered
her wealth of beauty
and let it fly free and frantic and furious,
one last, brief, all-out fiesta
before twilight bares all
in frosted moonlight,
and she rests.

©Linda Cassidy Lewis, 2010

24 thoughts on “To October … the glorious beginning!”

  1. My favorite time of the year! I like spring but I always know the heat of summer is not far behind. I realize that winter follows Fall, but I kinda like the snow 🙂


    1. I always thrill at spring, Taurean, but like you, that’s tempered by knowing sizzling summer will follow all too soon. We have mild winters here, no snow, just rain, but even though the gloom gets to me, my allergies appreciate the cleaner air.


  2. What a gorgeous poem, Linda. I love it! And it fits the season really well.

    Fall or autumn, as the English call it, is my favorite time of the year. I’m in Switzerland right now, a place with pronounced changes of the season, something I sometimes miss in California where I normally live. Although the fall colors are quite stunning in California as well.


    1. Thank you, Christa. I’m happy you enjoyed my poem. 🙂

      I guess how much fall color you see depends on where you are in California. We see a good bit around here with a lot of pistache and gingko, but not as much as I grew up with in Indiana with the oaks and maples.


  3. That poem is wonderful! Autumn has always been my favorite season, and it’s always a joy to see it appreciated by others! I’ll admit I’m a little reluctant to let summer go as I start to see leaves falling already, but I think I can blame that on a few really, really cold days we have. The weather’s turned a bit warmer now, the perfect autumnal temperature, and so I’m a little more willing.

    And I’ve just realized that, when I move out of my basement and into the second floor apartment this week, I’ll have such a beautiful view of all those turning colors!

    And happy October birthday, too, Linda!


    1. Ooops! Sorry, I skipped over your comment when I did replies earlier, Chris. Thank you for the birthday wishes. 🙂 I’m depending on that fresh start. I already feel a bit invigorated physically. Now if I can get my brain to wake up, we’re good to go.


  4. No fall colors in our part of Colorado, but they have arrived in the mountains. And, the first serious winter storm of the season has arrives there, today, as well. Hopefully, we won’t get any of the white – simply not ready just yet.

    May you have a good birthday month.


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