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Three years and counting!

Today, I’ll congratulate myself for keeping this blog going for three years this month. With this post, I’ve published 487 glimpses into my mind. That’s a frightening thought appropriate for the day before Halloween.

Lately, I tallied how many of the personal blogs I’ve followed over these years have either disappeared or have long periods of inactivity. Most of those blogs belonged to writers, and I have to ask myself if the reason my fellow writers have become ex or occasional bloggers is because they’re more serious writers than I am.

Actually, since I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of writer I am, I’m pretty sure I’ve answered my own question. I think I’m serious about writing—and writing well—but less serious about publication. In fact, I might just bare all soon and write a post about the real reason I self-published my novel.

It’s a bit awkward to discover yourself in a public way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve regretted writing some posts and pages and have removed several of them. I think it’s hard for perfectionists to be bloggers. 🙂

Nevertheless, I’m still having fun here, so I’m launching year four. I hope you’ll voyage with me.

42 thoughts on “Three years and counting!”

  1. Congratulations on three years. My anniversary was Oct. 9 and I missed it. Oh well.

    That’s a shame you won’t be posting that e-lending post. I wanted to read it. Is it written, can you send it to me via e-mail?


    1. Thanks, Anne. 🙂 My actual anniversary was the 13th, but I forgot to mention it then.

      Come back tomorrow for the second part of that article. I decided that a couple of you might have wanted to read it, and since I’d already written it, I’ve changed my mind about not sharing it. Maybe I’m offbase on this one, and you, or someone else, can point out the error in my reasoning.


  2. Congratulations, and good for you to keep going! I’m obviously one of the bloggers kind of falling by the wayside. Part of it is that I’ve shared on my blog some of my favorite personal writings/vignettes and then when I try to submit them to some publications, find they’re considered already published and therefore ineligible.

    And I want to devote more of my writing time to writing fiction.

    I’m glad that you are keeping on keeping on though!


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