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Once upon a time, a simple task snowballed into a major project

A few people have asked me why I didn’t observe my usual NaHoCleMo this year. Well, since I’ve been dealing with fatigue that makes it hard to keep up with my regular housework tasks, I knew I’d never make a dent in a NaHoCleMo goal. But I think a part of my brain missed that memo.

Yesterday morning, I sat down at my computer and realized my clear workspace had narrowed to about six square inches, so I started sorting through the stacks of paper and post-its. Then I decided I’d made a mistake in moving my computer into the guest room a few months ago. Not only did I feel claustrophobic sitting in the corner, it turned out that because of the acoustics in our house, I could hear my husband’s TV watching better there than I could in the multi-purpose room where I used to write.

The use of the old computer desk with a keyboard shelf was the only benefit of the move. When I switched to writing on my laptop, I had problems with my neck from looking down so much, and my wrists from typing on the built-in keyboard. By moving into the guest room and plugging a monitor and ergonomic keyboard into my laptop, I solved both problems.

The multi-purpose room measures 12’ x 14’ and has three windows, two separate closet doors, an entry door, and French doors to the living room—in other words, not a single solid wall. It was already crowded with a drafting table/beading center, a large craft table, a large computer desk, two bookshelves, a printer stand, a TV stand, and a file cabinet. There was no way I could fit in another desk—or could I?

I decided I didn’t really need the drafting table, as such. I had adjusted the drawing board to horizontal so I could use it for beading projects, and when I needed it for an occasional art project, I just pushed back the beading materials and propped up a portable drawing board. So my husband removed the top and stored the base. Then we moved my small computer desk from the guest room and laid the drafting table top over that. Now I have a triple-purpose workstation in my multi-purpose room.

Now I have a new problem. What do I do with the mess of art and beading materials I cleared out to make room for the desk and computer stuff? It’s still piled on the craft table and floor, waiting for me to reorganize and find new places to store it. *sigh* If all else fails … there’s an empty corner in the guest room.

14 thoughts on “Once upon a time, a simple task snowballed into a major project”

    1. The thing is, Rachel, that I know I feel more inspired when I have a clean, well-organized space, but I forget until I’m overwhelmed. And yes, I hate feeling closed in, but I hoped the calming color in the room would overcome that. Didn’t work.


  1. I am a proponent of feng shui. Works great for me. You might look up “feng shui an office,” and increase your energy efficiency with some of those “cures.”

    A few years back when I turned my desk so I faced east (thus putting the desk away from facing a wall) I wrote two mag. articles and a book in the next two weeks.



  2. It is important to write in a space you are comfortable with. My husband bougt me a laptop a couple of years ago but I am much more productive in my corner of the guest/sewing/office room on the PC. W should all share pictures of our writing space.


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