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I can answer that

I’m not sure if this post qualifies as brave or foolish. It’s the weekend, the first in this holiday season, so I thought I’d go with something light-hearted. I used to occasionally write a Fun Friday post, so I think this qualifies—or at least, it will be fun for me. I hope it’s not boring for you.

Anyway, here goes. Ask me anything—well, anything within reason. It’s best if you ask me something within my realm of knowledge. If you ask, say, a physics question, my answer will likely be a link to someone who actually has a clue. If you ask a question about me, I’m fairly certain I can answer that on my own.

Whether your question is silly or serious, I’ll answer as honestly as I think prudent. Oh, heck, this is me we’re talking about, so prudence will probably not enter into it. I’m sitting in the hot seat, the spotlight is on me, I’m waiting …

27 thoughts on “I can answer that”

    1. Well, L.S., dogs are teachers. They’re sent to us so we can learn to give and accept love. They build our self-esteem with their adoration and undying loyalty. They also teach us that with power comes responsibility.


  1. Hmmm …

    The important questions have already been asked – “What are cats for?” “What are dogs for?”

    That leaves the only other question to ask, “Have you decided what’s for dinner tonight?”

    Have a good weekend. 🙂


    1. Now that I’ve stopped laughing, Chris, I can answer your question. I’m not organized at all. If I appear to have achieved much, it’s only because I have no life outside this computer. Truly, you don’t want to be “Lindalike”.


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