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Has my blog passed its Use By date?

Today, I’m questioning the continued existence of this blog. It’s reached the point where I can no longer deny that visitor stats are in decline. Ignoring the ludicrous bump they took after being Freshly Pressed in March (and the overflow to the following month) and the mysterious slight rise in October, my visitor counts have decreased since 2010.

I have no reliable way to know how many people might read my posts in email or a blog reader, so I tell myself that I still have tons of interested readers, they just don’t come online to be counted. But am I fooling myself?

It’s been a weird year on this blog, for many reasons. I admit my posts have deteriorated from hopeful excitement leading up to the publishing of The Brevity of Roses, to disappointment, grumbling, whining, and bewilderment. Hmmm … sounds like a good way to send readers scrambling, doesn’t it?

  • Novel thought—maybe I should work harder to write quality posts.
  • Maybe I should post less frequently. I, too, get overwhelmed trying to keep up with some bloggers.
  • Maybe it’s not my particular blog. (I’m grasping here.) Maybe blogs are passé. Maybe everyone has moved on to something else. Something shinier. If so, I didn’t get that memo.
  • Maybe it’s cyclical. Many of my earlier followers have gone on to be serious writers, and some of them serious bloggers. They have their hands full with their own followers. Others are still working toward publication and they want blogs with helpful writing advice, which they’re increasingly hard-pressed to find here.
  • Maybe that’s the thing— I’m comparing apples and oranges again. I blog, but I’m not a Blogger. I don’t have any clout—or should I say Klout? I’m not destined to have a big following. I shouldn’t expect a growing readership.  Accept that. Be thankful for the readers I have (and I am). Move on.

Many I know have quit blogging, or greatly curtailed it, so apparently they don’t miss it. But I believe I would. And since I’ve already concluded that I’m a bust at Twitter and Google+, my blog is my only real “public” presence. Still, I’d hate to be the last to realize it’s time to mark this blog expired and remove it from the shelf.


I’m stubborn. I’ll probably be the last blogger standing. But maybe some changes are due around here.

Any suggestions?

36 thoughts on “Has my blog passed its Use By date?”

  1. Hi Linda. Gaining followers takes up time, at least, that’s what I’ve observed. I know bloggers who get 50 to 100 comments. But they also visit that many blogs themselves. There are folks who tweet many times each day, as well as post on Facebook and Google+ and LinkedIn and other places. I’m amazed by them. It’s paying off for them in book sales. Perhaps I’m not organized enough. Or maybe I just have too many other things to do that take up my time. Or maybe …


  2. I read your blog through email. I am subscribed to several bloggers and only read that way. It’s easier for me and I seldom post comments because I simply lack the time.


  3. Hey, if you enjoy blogging, you should keep blogging.

    I got sort of bored with my own blog and also found it *surprise* to be a detriment to getting published elsewhere. I used to post short pieces on my blog and then when one of those pieces seemed ‘perfect’ to submit to a publication – I’d find that the publication, in many instances, considered my blog post to mean the piece was already published and therefore they wouldn’t consider the piece. Kind of a bummer.

    On the other hand, I’m very glad that I have devoted time to blogging and to following several other writing blogs. I feel like I know you – and several other bloggers I only know from an online presence – personally.

    I honestly feel that if we ever met at a writers’ conference or award ceremony (heh heh) we would sit right down together with a cup of coffee/tea/wine/beer and just start right in like old friends. And that’s a great feeling.


    1. I do, Natasha, so I will. 😉

      My husband gives me a weird look when I refer to you guys as friends, but I don’t care. You all do seem like real friends, and I think we’d have a rip-roaring time, if we ever met in the flesh. And by that I don’t mean we see you in your outdoor shower. 😉


  4. M’Lud,I refer the jury to Alannah, Countess of Murphy and Keeper of the Sinister Echoes Same thing. Similar advice. Boils down to ‘do what you do because you want to, not because you have to’. Your readers will see your creative energy then, not your attempts to feed the fickle public beast. I use ‘your’ generically. I would talk to a wall, unless it kicked me in the unmentionables and told me to shove off. You never know, there could be someone the other side of the wall, loving what I’m saying. Glass half full.


        1. Oooh, I is being used as an example, woo hoo 😉

          I like Countess of Murphy, I’m using that from now on!!!

          We all have questioned our own blogs, and the reason we blog. I have done it over and over. In the end, you have to do what’s right for YOU. Write about WHATEVER you feel passionate about. The minute I wrote about my love for music, and how I regretted given up as a musician, I got the most views that day, and that one post, became the most popular one so far, so I think writing about your passion (whatever that is) and what you love, is what matters.


          1. Well, Alannah, I guess I should blog about pizza then! 😉 Seriously, I agree that you should blog (and write) what you’re passionate about. So, I guess I’ll keep on as usual. Well, maybe with a little more restraint on the freaking out.


  5. Try posting poetry posts. That’s what I did and I got 4 followers in one day (thats a lot for my blog that only gets 32 views per day). And try changing your layout, it might or might not help.


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