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The spirit of giving to writers

Since this is the season for giving, I’d like to give my thoughts on something you can give to writers. A couple of days ago, someone sent me an email in which she wrote some lovely things about my writing. This person is a published author whose writing I admire, and her comments on specific elements of my writing that she liked gave me a much-needed lift.

I’ve heard there are writers who have abundant confidence in their work, but I don’t know any personally. At least at times, I think we all doubt our ability and need a boost. We need kind words about our writing. Think of them as vitamins for writers.

If you have a way to contact a writer whose work you’ve read, let them know you still think about a character, or a scene, or a line. Or tell them you’re looking forward to their next work. Give them a gift of a kind word for their writing. It might just be the boost they need to inspire some great writing.

14 thoughts on “The spirit of giving to writers”

  1. “you have a way to contact a writer….” That caught my eye because I have tried to communicate with several contemporary authors and they have a home page and such but no place to leave a comment.


  2. Good thought for Christmas Linda. May I say how much I enjoyed Brevity of Roses. The characters were so very believable and one could identify with them. I’m looking forward to the next book. Happy Christmas!


  3. Here is my gift to you, I loved Brevity of Roses and look forwrad to your next book. Anyone who can create a character like Jalal has incredible talent. Merry Christmas to you and yours Linda. Here’s to a productive writing year ahead.
    Your writing buddy, Darlene


    1. I just found that out, Michelle, when I finally caught up on my blog reading. I felt like a copycat even though at the time I wrote mine I didn’t know he’d already blogged the idea … and much lovelier than I did.


      1. Aww, I didn’t mean to imply you copied. 🙂 I think it’s just a lovely thought no matter how you put it. I so owe you an email. Now that I’ve finished my blog reading for the evening, I might get to it tonight, but maybe tomorrow. I feel my eyelids drooping. 🙂


        1. Oh, I didn’t think you were implying that. 🙂 I just wish I’d seen his first and I would have linked to it because he said it so much nicer than I did. But I would still have shared my reason for the need to pass along the encouraging words. 🙂


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