This writer is looking forward

Looking back at my life during the past year, I can see losses and gains, but I can’t yet judge the long-term effects. Every year at this time, psychics make predictions for the coming year. I have no such gift. I can only make resolutions, affirming to myself and all, my intent for the future.

New beginnings are hopeful. This year I’m excited about opportunities to advance in my writing and publishing career. One change I hope to make that will affect not only my writing, but my life in general is obtaining—and maintaining—a balance.

In 2011, I neglected not only the usual housework, but gardening as well. I don’t think my roses will survive another year of the same kind of neglect. In general, I spent too much time in my cave. Since my 2012 plans include publishing one book and writing another, it’s imperative that I improve my time management.

This doesn’t mean I’m creating spreadsheets, but it does mean I’ll be working to conquer my habit of letting doubt (fear) derail my writing. In 2011, I probably wasted a good 30% of my writing time hand-tied by indecision. I vow not to let that happen in this next year. I will boldly write what no woman has written before.

In her recent blog post When You Allow Others to Decide Your Dreams, Michelle Davidson Argyle said:

“Nobody’s goals and rules are ever going to match up to my own on the unique path I’m on. Even if I met all those goals I see floating around online on so many blogs and Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds, I still wouldn’t be happy because I would not have met the deepest desires of my own heart …”

And this:

“I think we authors often forget what we really want. I think we often delude ourselves into thinking we want what everyone else wants, and it’s creating this insane sense of urgency in our heads. We pump out our work faster and harder and less carefully than we would otherwise. We feel pressured, more than anything else, to meet certain criteria, follow the lists and rules and advice others post, and it hurts us deeply when we can’t meet that criteria at breakneck speed. For me, at least, this urgency transformed itself into an energy-sucking, emotionally-draining need.

Until I realized that for me it was an illusion and unnecessary.”

Michelle expressed my dilemma. My lack of self-confidence leads me to compare everything I do to what other writers do, seeking a stamp of approval. At best, that works only temporarily. Sooner or later, doing what others did leads to frustration, doubt, fear because their plan, their path, their dream doesn’t “fit” me.

Let me toast to the New Year. New beginnings. New opportunities. Another chance to get it right.

In 2012, I vow to follow MY dreams. What about you?

15 thoughts on “This writer is looking forward

  1. Linda, as usual you have gotten to the heart of the matter. We are similar in so many ways. Yes this year I vow to live with intention and balance. Balance sure has been a challenge and my writing and creativiity have suffered from it. You are one of my blessings this year and while I do not have any Moet and Chandon I will toast you with the best I have tonight. May we both conquer and soar this year!


  2. In the matter of writing, I say Let Passion Rule! The dishes can wait, and someone else can tend the garden who is gifted in that realm.


    1. In this house, the garden gift was given only to me, Mary Jean, but that’s all right because tending to pruning and weeds gives me time to hear the Muse. I keep forgetting that sometimes I need to step away from the computer to write, you know?

      Letting Passion rule, letting my heart guide my writing, is exactly what I hope to do this year. I vow to banish the “shoulds” from my thinking. 😉


  3. Linda, wishing you a wonderful New Year with lots of self-confidence and inspiration and lots and lots of balance in life and work. And I hope you find the balance between the necessary self-doubt- the part that makes us push ourselves harder and become better vs the self-destructive and paralyzing kind.

    For this first time possibly ever I have a New Year’s resolution, and that’s to be kinder to my work, and to truly love it, not judge it so harshly, so that I can be true to it and bring it to its full form – I realized I was doing this a few days ago so kind of timely! And I don’t mean beng easy on it, but I mean actually liking it!! lol We really are our own worst enemy!!

    Happy New Year!!!


    1. That’s a beautiful wish, Jennifer. Thank you. I need to become better acquainted with that “necessary self-doubt”, so I can recognize it more readily. I’m too well acquainted with the other kind.

      My wish for you is to keep to your New Year’s resolution. May you embrace your writing with all the love it deserves. 🙂


  4. I don’t make new year resolutions, there’s far too much resting on them and no guarantee that they coincide with a genuine tipping point so they’re more likely to clobber me with a sense of failure than one of success. That said, a new year can really feel like a new start so if it does, and you have a new direction to go with it, I say gird your loins, fasten your seat belt, and get the hell on with it! Linda, you have readers, you write well, and you tell a good tale, so you’re already a step up from people who have none of those things in their kit bag. Maybe when we’ve all finished with the celebratory bolly, we’ll take our dreams by the scruff make them real 🙂


    1. You know, Suzanne, there are many things I’d like to accomplish this year that I won’t even voice for fear I’ll fail … again! Funny thing is I’ve heard or read the word intention three times this morning, so I think I need to embrace the concept. Live each day with intention. Think of all the time I won’t waste! 😉

      Grab your dreams and dash confidently into the new year. 🙂


  5. Linda, better time management is one of my 2012 goals too! Somehow the days slip by so fast with nothing productive writing wise to show for them. Good luck with your goals and may 2012 be a year in which not only your roses bloom prolifically but your dreams as well. Have a wonderful 2012!

    Judy, South Africa


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