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Still trying to find my way back

I feel as if I’m drifting in a small boat through the fog, drowsy, picking up snatches of muffled conversation as I pass by. But in reality the boat has docked. The fog has cleared. So why can’t I wake up? Quick, someone slap me.

Little did I know when I took a break to prepare for Christmas that it would be so hard to get back to work. Even with a painful back (now on the mend) I should be able to wrap my brain around putting one word after another. The spirit is willing, but the mind is weak.

I opened my WIP last night and read through it, but didn’t add anything. It’s not even that I don’t know what scene comes next because I do, several scenes in fact. I’m not discouraged, or blocked, just scatter-brained.

That goes for social media too. I open Twitter, but nothing comes to mind to say. Ditto for Google+. For a few minutes, I lurk, reading what others have to say, and then leave. I can’t even think of anything worthy to say on my Facebook page.

Maybe I need more sleep. Or less caffeine. I need something, that’s for sure. I’m trying not to listen to that voice that’s whispering that maybe this is it. I’ll never write again. *sigh*

I know you’re better disciplined. It’s probably been easy for you to get back to work. And since we’re on the topic, what are you working on exactly?

Photo: The Lady of Shalott by William A. Breakspeare (1872-1903).

29 thoughts on “Still trying to find my way back”

    1. Hard to believe for you, Michelle, with all you achieved. I know it wasn’t as much as you hoped, but you put a lot of people to shame. If you’re clear-headed and fired up now, I’m sure we’ll be amazed at your 2012! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Claire, and welcome to my blog. 🙂 I am aware that when I think the Muse has gone to sleep, she’s actually working in the background, but my impatience gets the better of me sometimes. I’ve now made a little progress, and I’m expecting a river of words to break loose at any moment. Positive affirmation, that. 😉


  1. I try to remember the advice from Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Specifically how she recounts the story of her brother writing a report on birds. Her brother gets overwhelmed and her father tells him to take it bird by bird. You need to mend. So allow yourself a break. If you feel super guilty. decide to focus on one thing. Maybe it’s a blog post, or a tweet dialogue, or editing what you have so far of your WIP. And just do that one thing. That’s what I do when I’m scatterbrained/overwhelmed/don’t know where to begin.


    1. Thank you, Kourtney, and welcome to my blog. 🙂 Don’t you love Bird by Bird? It’s one of my favorite books for writers. And yes, I need frequent reminders not to push, to wait and listen. After the break, I did start back in by reading from the beginning of my WIP, and that means editing. 😉 It’s back to work today.


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