From me to you and you and you and ….

Two fellow bloggers cited me for awards this past week, so I’m taking time to say thank you and pass them on. First up, Jennifer Neri, who gave me the Liebster Blog Award. Liebster is German for dearest or beloved and carries the sense of “favorite”.

The rules say to pass it along to five favorite blogs with the stipulation they’re to have less than 200 followers. Unfortunately, I don’t know how many followers most blogs have, so I’ll just bring to your attention some blogs I’ve never cited before, but enjoy reading.

Recipients, do what you will with your award. Feel free to obey or disobey the “rules” of reciprocation or passing along.

At Judith Baxter’s blog Growing Younger Each Day she rages against growing older with humor and great insight.

Chris King‘s blog is named bridgesburning, but I don’t know why. I do know she says a lot of interesting things there.

Victoria, Lisa, and Christi at Writing Up An Appetite combine writing and food, two of my favorite things!

Darlene Foster blogs often about her travels, so it’s probably no surprise that she’s the author of a series of children’s books featuring world travel.

Kate Cardon Parish‘s blog kateschannel is what it sounds like, her show. So go tune into her thoughts on life.

Jessica Luton shares some uplifiting advice on her Serenity Writer blog. And if you follow her on Twitter she’ll inspire your day too.

Hmmm … that’s six, not five. Oh well, I gave you one to grow on. 🙂

I was going to cover both awards today, but that’s a lot of links to throw at you in one sitting, so I’ll leave the second award for the next post. Enjoy the links.

21 thoughts on “From me to you and you and you and ….

  1. Just catching up on some blog reading, Linda. Congrats on winning the award and for passing it on to such worthy bloggers. I’m familiar with some of these blogs but not all. Will check them out.. 🙂


  2. Hi Linda! Can’t wait to have a moment to come and check out the bloggers you’ve listed! 🙂

    (it’s been super busy on my way these last few days!!! I’ve been only checking in onine with my phone here and there, and I’ve been wanting to re-read your vignette knowing the last line, but I can’t access it on my iphone! grrr.)


    1. You’re welcome, Jennifer, after all you gave me the award! 😀 Do check them out when you get time. I can’t do the internet on my iPhone … I mean I can access it, but it’s so laborious to navigate that I choose not to. But yeah, I suppose the way Vine Leaves Journal displays you really can’t access it on a phone.


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