Have you entered the Invisibility Cloak Contest?

Let’s shake up the mid-season blahs with a contest! Do you recognize this book cover? Unfortunately not a lot of people do. If you’re a new author, particularly a non-genre fiction writer not backed by a publicity department, it’s hard to get your target readers to notice your book. Maybe you didn’t realize that. Today, I’m asking you to help make The Brevity of Roses more visible.

(If you want to know more about the book or read the first two chapters free, just click the cover image, one of the red title links, or the tab at the top of the page.)

You probably reach more people online than you realize. Certainly, you each connect to people I don’t know. Some of those people would love reading my novel—if only they knew it existed. I want to tell them. How can you help, you ask? Promote my contest.

I’m giving someone a chance to read The Brevity of Roses absolutely FREE by giving away an autographed print copy! I need your help to get the word out about my giveaway. First, you may enter the contest yourself. Then, do your best to get as many other people as possible to enter. You can do that by announcing the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, or anywhere else you can.

How do you enter? It’s simple. Just leave a comment on this post. Want to increase your chances? Get one extra entry for each place you mention this contest, but you’ll have to let me know where I can see your comment, tweet, status update, etc. and give you credit. For instance, if you leave a comment here, Tweet about the contest three times during its run, mention it on your blog once, and post a link in your Facebook status once, that’s SIX contest entries for you.

The contest will run for 10 days. Random.org will select the winner at 7am PST on Wednesday, January 26,2012. Good luck to all!

C’mon, help me lift this cloak of invisibility off The Brevity of Roses!

30 thoughts on “Have you entered the Invisibility Cloak Contest?

  1. Hi Linda – I recognised the cover of course. And I shall mention you on my blog. I don’t do facebook or twitter. Did you get any sales or comments on my earlier post ? I am doing my best for you. BTW love the book as you know. 🙂


  2. I usually respond to each comment individually, but to keep from repeating Good Luck numerous times, I’ll do it this way.

    Welcome, Maggsworld, ChatterMaster, and BikeBrown … and Good Luck!

    Chris, Victoria, Judith, and Christa … Good Luck!


  3. Posted on Twitter and Facebook and will mention on my blog. Happy to promote this great book. What would be better on a cold winter evening than reading “The Brevity of Roses”


  4. I already have the book, but I will share this on my fb page!

    I know how difficult it is for people to notice our books among so many other books and authors. Glad to help – I love supporting colleagues!


  5. Jess: Got you down for 3.

    Darlene: You’re down for 4 entries. And thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂

    Kat: Thank you for spreading the word. 🙂

    Cristina: I’ll put you down for 4.

    Good luck to you all!


  6. Good idea for getting the word out. I’ve done a few giveaways on my blog recently . . . you’ll have to let me know if you have a good way of choosing the winner. I did the old-fashioned cut out names and put them in a pile (name put in twice for Tweets, etc.) It was tedious!


  7. I would love an autographed copy of this amazing author’s book. She wrote a beautiful story that I read twice…. 🙂 Go buy this book……..you won’t want to put it down once you start it.


  8. Hi Linda, I had looked at this offer awhile ago and somehow it got bumped down my ‘to-do’ list, but a writer friend (Laura Best) reminded me today. Here I am, enjoyed the first two chapters, and appreciate the chance to win an autographed copy of your book. I am going to tweet about it, and mention it on my blog, too.


  9. Nina: I’m using Random.org to choose the winner, but keeping an old-fashioned list of entrants names with the number of entries for each. When the contest ends, I’ll tell Random to choose a number between 1 and ? (total # of entries).

    Maureen: You read it twice? Thanks. And thanks. 🙂

    Mandii: You’re entered thrice!

    Laura: I’m honored. 🙂

    Cathy: Looks like Laura sent several people here.

    Torry: It is good … unless you’re looking for what it isn’t. 🙂

    Anonymous: I hope you’ll give me some way to contact you in case you win.

    Lynn: I’m glad Laura reminded you.

    Good luck everyone!


  10. My friend and author, Darlene Foster, mentioned you on her blog so that’s
    how I found out about you. I’m mentioning you on my FB page. Good luck
    with receiving more exposure through friends and associates.


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