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Today is a good stuff day!

First up today, we have a winner in the Invisibility Cloak Contest. Congratulations to Cristina Trapani-Scott! You have won a signed copy of The Brevity of Roses. I will contact you by email to get your mailing address. I hope you enjoy the read.

Thank you all for your support. Those of you who didn’t win today, stay tuned because I’ll be giving away another signed copy in a few weeks. You might be interested in Helen Ginger’s review of The Brevity of Roses at her blog today. And don’t skip her hilarious FTC disclaimer at the end.

Next, I’d like to point you to more free books. My friend, Christa Polkinhorn says: On Thursday and Friday (Jan. 26 and 27) my novels (ebook versions) about love, art, and family are available for free on Amazon. The freebie lasts ONLY TWO DAYS, so grab them while you can. Curl up on your favorite sofa and travel to Switzerland, Peru, Italy, New York, and Guadalajara, Mexico!

 An Uncommon Family

Love of a Stonemason

Remember, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get the free Kindle app for your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

9 thoughts on “Today is a good stuff day!”

  1. Great review Linda and well deserved! Congratulations to the winner. Hope you sell lots more books. Sun is shining here so it will be a terrific day. Hugs, Darlene


  2. Today is definitely a good stuff day, since I woke up and found that I was the winner!!!! I am so excited. Thank you, Linda. Can’t wait to get the book, read and proudly keep it alongside all of my other author-signed books:)


    1. I think this Anonymous is Judith. I don’t know if you just got the names mixed up in your comment or confused them when reading my post, but the books I linked to were written by Christa not by Cristina, the winner of Brevity. I realize now having two similar names in the same post was just asking for confusion. 🙂


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