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Bluegrass, Super Secret, and Select

I’m happy to report that I haven’t posted since Thursday because I’ve been writing fiction. If you follow my Facebook Author Page you know that I was working on one of my “down home” stories, with a bluegrass accompaniment to set the mood.

That story is one I’ll include in my story collection (yes, that project is back on the table) and eventually will be part of a larger work, probably a novel in the form of connected stories. The house pictured here inspired the concept. My great-great-grandfather, or maybe his father, built that house. It grew from the original settlement, a log cabin in a little holler beside a crick. I’m imagining the stories of some of the people who called that place home.

A couple of other writing-related projects occupied me. One is Super Secret … and Super Cool. Yes, I know that’s a tease. 🙂 You’ll hear all about it in time, but I’ll give you a hint: it involves a new face … of a sort.

The third writing-related project was researching the KDP Select program recently implemented by Amazon. In short, authors can enroll one, some, or all of their e-books in the program to have them included in the Amazon lending program. In that program, Prime Members can borrow the book to read on their Kindle. Also, through the KDP Select program, the author can mark a book FREE for a limited time.

I think the real benefit of that option is potential sales of an author’s other books after someone downloads their free book and likes it. Since I have only one book published, this program would not benefit me now, but I’m watching how it’s working for others. So far, I’m definitely undecided whether I should take part in the future.

The downside to the program is exclusivity. While your e-book is enrolled in KDP Select, it can’t be available anywhere else—not for sale, not for free. (This refers to e-book only.) So, each author has to consider how this might affect their sales. In my case, so far, 85% of my e-book sales have come through Amazon. Since the free Kindle app is available for PC, Mac, most Smartphones, and the iPad, the KDP Select exclusivity eliminates mostly those who own the Nook reader.

So there you go, my essay on how I spent the last five days. What have you been up to?

23 thoughts on “Bluegrass, Super Secret, and Select”

  1. I’m so glad to see you writing again. You are an inspiration to beginning writers like myself. Thank you for reading for me, I know you are a busy woman. I got my short, The Sacrifice, back from my editor today, and am excited to note that it will be published this week. It will just be a teaser for the short story collection. I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge I’ve gained from you and other authors like you who have blogged about the writing experience. I look forward to your critique of course. So far the responses I’ve received from readers on my website have been good. Thank you for helping me out and congratulations on finding your muse! Happy writing! 🙂


    1. Congratulations on the publication, Kimberly! 🙂

      I’m always happy when I can help another writer. I hope you get your story collection polished up soon.

      Thank you, and happy writing to you too. 🙂

      Btw, I didn’t know you had a website. It’s not linked from your avatar.


  2. Great picture. We pass hundreds of houses-with-history (often partially hidden by kudzu) like this on our road trips through the southeast and it will be nice to read some of that history in your short stories. My mom was born in a place called Fiddlers Green and I am familiar with criks and hollers.

    In the past five days, I’ve been learning to walk with my brand new knees! It’s VERY exciting and I’m sure much of the last couple of weeks will eventually show up in my writing. Just got home from rehab yesterday.


    1. Ah, Natasha, you sound like a perfect beta reader for my downhome stories. 😉

      I’m so glad to hear your knee replacement and rehab went well. I can’t wait to read the tales that come out of that experience! 🙂


  3. Linda, I’m really looking forward to your new stories. That’s such a lovely house! I just got back from taking two of my relatives on a tour of the coast line of California. That was a wonderful experience. Now, I have to get back to writing again!


    1. Well, Christa, all the stories for the “house” book aren’t written yet, but, as a preview, two of them will be in my short fiction collection out soon … I hope.

      Oh, now you’ve made me want to go to the coast. Maybe, if I meditate on that tonight, I might dream of being there. Hmmm, maybe I’ll see Jalal. 😉


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