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Eventually, it always comes back to writing

So, yeah. I’ve been writing. As soon as I finished the first draft of one story, I started another. Now, scenes from my next novel are playing in my head. It’s a bit distracting, but I’m not going to drop everything and open that novel file yet. These little previews are just the Muse letting me know she’s working on it.

Still, it’s hard to be patient with the story collection project, when I have a novel waiting. I have a couple more stories to write, and then, as I get feedback on the lot, it will be editing time. Recently, I received valuable feedback from someone I’ve never worked with before. She wrote seventeen comments on a story of less than seven hundred words! I had to laugh because that’s the way I critique. I think we might work well together. 😉

In other news: Has the weather this season been unusual where you live? We’ve been dry most of our rainy season, but finally got a good drench a couple of nights ago and then again last night. It’s been so warm and sunny, my peach and nectarine trees were set to bloom, and now the rain has brought a chill back to the air. Has anyone checked the earth’s tilt lately? I know my equilibrium’s off.

You all probably know that Adele won six Grammies Sunday night. Well deserved, in my opinion. I saw a link to an analysis of why her song “Someone Like You” is such a tearjerker. Though the song doesn’t quite make me cry, I do get chills at moments when I listen to it, so this analysis sounded reasonable to me. Now, if only I can figure out how to apply that “appoggiaturaa” thing to writing highly emotional scenes.

And there you go, I’ve brought the subject back around to writing again, so I think I’ll go do that. You go do something you love to do too.

13 thoughts on “Eventually, it always comes back to writing”

  1. It sounds like you write in a way similar to how I do! I finish one story and I pick up the pen to work on the next before the editing is finished on the first one. Guess that just means that I have a lot to say!! Busy promoting the new book, MIRACLE PLAY, that goes on sale April 5 while my mind comes up with scenes for the next novel after that. Gotta love this writer’s life!!!



  2. Yep. Short story projects frighten me for similar reasons. It’s all I can do to blog and keep up with the various states of my two novels (with a third one brewing in my brain).


  3. What is really 17? I don’t know what to say, other than I can’t wait to have it reciprocated! lol

    As I just commented on another blogger who is having a hard time staying put in her current wip while another novel has begun itself in her head, I really understand how difficult that is! I have done it myself.

    And yes, the weather over here has been really weird. We actually had a fall season, which is the first in my memory. Normally it skips straight into winter after a few days of mild temperatures. It’s not uncommon for it even snow on Halloween here, or at least for us to be in snowsuits under our costumes to ward of the cold. It’s been mild, with extreme fluctuations, from 20 below to above zero all in one day!!

    I’m going to cuddle and give the baby a nap – no writing time for me right now – but certainly something I love 🙂


    1. Cuddly naps are awesome, Jennifer. 🙂

      Yes, we’ll see how many comments I have for you. Of course, now you’ll submit something perfectly polished, and my only comment will be Well Done!

      My blood has acclimated to Central California now, I couldn’t stand that kind of cold any longer. Well, I’ve never lived where it got down to 20 below, but it was plenty cold … oh wait … are those temps in Celsius?


  4. Hmm, if I work on a piece and a thought creeps into my mind about another WIP, I have to note it down somewhere, else it disappears and then I kick myself for not writing it down immediately. It’s a little distracting I admit and I may not even use it, but then again . . . .
    Happy Writing, Linda!


  5. I love this post. The ‘love music, can’t play it or sing it’ part of me knows what that shift is; the scientist wants to pick apart and deconstruct it to map the elements onto literature, and the wannabe writer just hopes the heck to stumble over one and boggle at its luminance. Whatever else, I have to figure out how to pronounce appoggiaturaa so I can slip it nonchalantly into a sentence!


    1. My jazz trumpeter son discussed this with me last night, Suzanne. He even said appoggiaturaa as easily as he does mom … not that I remember how to pronounce today. The only thing I remember he said was something about delaying the release of tension. I’m going to talk to him again until I “get” it, and then I’m going to work it into my writing.


      1. Got in the mood by reading the lasagne packet so I reckon I can pronounce it now, but only if I imagine myself as an Italian harlot which is perhaps not the best look for a weighty debate. Figuring out the literary equivalent is likely to lead to even more exotic posturing, so I expect to be arrested and make the news headlines by insisting on using Adele in my defence. It could save a whole lot of public money if your trumpeter is able to explicate and bring us all to a new appreciation. I’m hoping there will be no triple tonguing as I’m having enough difficulty with the single tongue articulation.


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