It’s all about exposure, baby!

Some of you may have wondered why I would give The Brevity of Roses away for two days last week. It was exciting, to be sure. It’s amazing to think that thousands of people can now read it, of course, but that’s not all I expected. I knew the giveaway would increase the book’s visibility on Amazon while it was free, but what about after that period?

I believe Brevity is a good story and its reviews confirm that, but only a limited circle knew about it. People can’t buy a book they don’t know exists. As an independent author, specifically one with no influence or marketing budget, I’ve had a major challenge getting Brevity noticed, so when I heard about the KDP Select program, I had to consider it.

In the first three months after Brevity’s publication, 74% of e-book sales were through Amazon, and that increased to 91% during the last seven months. That fact weighed heavily in my decision because to enroll your e-book in the KDP Select program, you have to remove it from all other distributors. Obviously, for me that restriction was practically a non-factor.

Also, enrollment in the program makes your book available to the Amazon Prime lending library, and each borrow earns the author a percentage of a monthly pool of funds. I would earn less for a loan than for a sales, but far more than zero.

So, did the giveaway give my book more visibility on Amazon? Heck yeah! It rose to #4 on the Kindle contemporary fiction chart. Did the promo result in increased sales after the free period? You betcha! It maintained a rank of #22 in all fiction sales for eighteen hours. It’s also racking up borrows.

From others experience in the KDP Select program, I expect my current sales rank to gradually lower over the next few days, but not return to what it was before the giveaway. As people read Brevity, they’ll tell their friends about it. Some of them will leave reviews at Amazon. Word of mouth will continue to give the book exposure. I deem this experiment a success!

30 thoughts on “It’s all about exposure, baby!

  1. I’m very happy for you! I am starting on Chapter 3 now (I tend to read more than one book at a time). So far, I am very impressed…ya got me hooked! I can’t wait to see what happens to those two…


  2. A new pretty cover, sales through the roof, exposure, exposure, exposure. It really sounds like this coming year has great things in store for you. I’m thrilled you’re off to a great start and hope your success continues.


  3. Once again, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. As always, you’ve provided useful information to keep in mind for when I FINALLY whip some other writing into publishable shape.

    And congratulations on this success!


  4. I’m among those who downloaded the free copy (after being a longtime lurker on your blog … and meaning to get the book long before now, truly). So glad to see this has been successful for you! May it be just the beginning!


  5. Oh, Linda, I’m so happy this worked out so well for you. 🙂 And by the way, I love the new cover. I still really like the old one too, but this one I think shows a different side of the novel.

    – Heather


  6. You seem to be on one heck of a roll, my friend! You nailed it with the fantastic cover, then you had the rollercoaster ride of your life (thus far) with the amount of copies you moved. Well done. I’m so very happy for you. You have inspired me to make some changes, although I plan to keep those to myself for a while. But they’re coming!



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