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Writing without writing

Suddenly, I have more writing to do than I can handle. I don’t do well with too many choices. Nor do I fair well in crowds, and right now, there’s a crowd in my head. With so many voices yapping at me, I can’t hear any of them. I have no choice but to resort to drastic measures.

I’m cleaning my house. It’s March, so let’s say I’ll be Spring cleaning, not trying to make up for Winter neglect. Will an uncluttered, dust free, organized house result in a clear mind? Let’s hope so.

I know how this works though, this purposeful distraction, so I’ll be ready to take notes. If I’m lucky, by the time my house is clean I’ll have worked out the beginning to this story, the end of that one, and the muddy middle of a novel.

Oh yes, there’s also yard and garden work to do. Who knows what writing wonders will surface? (With or without alliteration.) Let the writing … er … cleaning begin!

Dare I vacuum the cat?

Tell me: Does all the writing in your head every overwhelm you? What helps you silence those too many voices? Or, if you have the opposite problem, what helps you fill the silence?

33 thoughts on “Writing without writing”

  1. I go for a walk — if I can — or divert my attention to my children, husband or friends. Cleaning house usually stirs up even more writing ideas for me.


  2. Writing? Huh? What’s that? My head is filled with computer problems right now. The lastest was the Hibernate button didn’t work but the techie from India got it to work again. Sorry, that’s the most interesting thing (ha) that’s been happening lately.


      1. I’m working on Part 3 of the “Family Portrait” series. I’m also on another stint at Pepperdine University, helping out in the Admissions Department. My laptop is okay again but there are still little things cropping up here and there. The bottom line is, I need a new laptop. I’ve been away from social media because of time constraints but I’m plugging away on novel three in my spare time.
        How is/are you WIP/s doing?


  3. Every time I believe I have a system that keeps my chaos and silence in proper balance something gums the works. However, I am having success simply going with the flow and writing what I’m inspired to write at the moment the muse calls. Of course that also means I have many partially finished projects. But, I’m having fun even if I’m not working at the height of productive output.

    I wouldn’t recommend vacuuming the cat, or the liter-box for that matter. Yuck!


    1. I’m glad you’re having success with your writing, no matter how you’re accomplishing it, K. 🙂 Sometimes, just changing the way you do things sparks a wave of creativity. That’s what I’m hoping for by ignoring the voices for a while.


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