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Writing without writing

Suddenly, I have more writing to do than I can handle. I don’t do well with too many choices. Nor do I fair well in crowds, and right now, there’s a crowd in my head. With so many voices yapping at me, I can’t hear any of them. I have no choice but to resort to drastic measures.

I’m cleaning my house. It’s March, so let’s say I’ll be Spring cleaning, not trying to make up for Winter neglect. Will an uncluttered, dust free, organized house result in a clear mind? Let’s hope so.

I know how this works though, this purposeful distraction, so I’ll be ready to take notes. If I’m lucky, by the time my house is clean I’ll have worked out the beginning to this story, the end of that one, and the muddy middle of a novel.

Oh yes, there’s also yard and garden work to do. Who knows what writing wonders will surface? (With or without alliteration.) Let the writing … er … cleaning begin!

Dare I vacuum the cat?

Tell me: Does all the writing in your head every overwhelm you? What helps you silence those too many voices? Or, if you have the opposite problem, what helps you fill the silence?

33 thoughts on “Writing without writing”

  1. Everyday I have to quiet the voices that come in and try to take over my writing. It’s a big effort on my part to keep my focus on my current wip, I am constantly inspired by what’s around me, I see stories everywhere. Sometimes I write them down, most of the time not. Once in a while one will keep buidling on itself. Those are usually the ones I write – but only once a current wip is completed.

    Good luck, and enjoy your clean home!


    1. Well, I didn’t make as much progress as I’d hoped today, Jennifer. And now I have a whopping headache from stirring up dust. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

      Yes, I like those stories that keep coming back with a little more each time. That’s when I know the muse is working on it.


    1. It usually works better when you don’t force, doesn’t it, Marcia? Diversionary tactics. Like when you stop trying to remember where you put something and then suddenly you remember. 🙂


  2. I have to clean out the chaotic crazies in my head every so often or . . . o r. . . well, it ain’t purdy! 😀

    If I don’t write, I become restless and irritable, too.

    But, yes, those “mundane” tasks bring about the most wonderful of ideas and thoughts; although, most times by time I’m back to my computer, I’ve forgotten the concept *laugh*


    1. That “losing it” is why I make sure I have something handy to take notes on, Kat. I used to try to record it on my phone, but as soon as I open my mouth the words in my head disappear. By the way, if we ever meet in real life, know that when I say stupid things, what I had in my head was far more eloquent. 😉


  3. What is this house and yardwork of which you speak? Oh, that! Now I remember. Lol! I used to do so much housework all of the time. This past year or so, I have really slacked off. Now I only do the bare minimum.
    I’m afraid that I can’t help you with the voices in your head, Linda. I have so little time that I have to keep my day sectioned off. I sneak a bit of writing at work during coffee breaks and then a lot of it on Saturday morning; I read just before bed every night in order to keep myself in the game; I sort e-mails, etc. throughout the day; and the section of time between after work and bedtime is pretty much devoted to networking and promotional stuff. *sigh*
    You’ll have to let us know how it works out. *waves*



    1. I’ve never been fond of doing “so much housework all of the time”, Jimmy, so you can imagine the state of things here now that I write full time. 😉

      I admire those of you who fit writing into a busy real life schedule. I’m too lazy for that.


  4. First, don’t vacuum the cat. They’ll get their revenge at night. Think the GEICO rescue panther. 🙂

    I’m currently in the same place. Two stories in the works.


      1. Not really. I just re-read from the beginning to the break. If a new wrinkle surfaces, I note it for possible insertion by typing it in as a different color.


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