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The first rule of blogging

A week ago, I wrote a post titled Writing without writing, which is possible to do, but is it possible to blog without blogging? I’ll answer that question. The first rule of blogging is—you have to blog! You have to write something. Words, if possible.

If you’re keeping track, (humor me) you know I’m not doing so well at blogging. We’re two weeks into the month and I’m three posts behind. My mind is blank—well, no, it’s not blank, but nothing on my mind right now is a topic worthy of blogging about. Um … like now. (That was ninety-seven words about nothing, if you want to keep track.)

Hey, here’s an idea—I’ll blame it on Leap Year. Yeah, that’s it. The extra day in February threw the earth off its axis … or something. Threw me off my axis, maybe. That explains my recent equilibrium problem quite nicely. It’s hard to think straight when you’re staggering around.

Oh ho! Then we had that time change thing, doncha know. I was rudely flung forward an hour into the future. Seems that could mess with your brain, don’t you think? I mean, what could have happened in that hour I missed? I’ll never know. That question will haunt me for the rest of my life.

(Add 107 more useless words on your abacus.)

Do I need mention the weather? Weird, aint’ it? We only toyed with winter here, and now we’ve flung open the door to spring. When the natural progression gets disrupted, I wander off track, whistling aimlessly. Only I’m not, because I can’t seem to pucker like I used to.

So, yeah. I was supposed to be cleaning while I wrote without writing, but sadly, I haven’t accomplished much on that front. I did write a couple scenes for the new novel, but given my state of being, they’re probably nonsense. Maybe I could use them in Words With Friends.

May your days be balanced and productive, friends.

(Total worthless words: 322 … and now you know how to blog without saying anything.)

33 thoughts on “The first rule of blogging”

  1. Just keep on writing, Linda; eventually, the normal flow will return. I have been taking advantage of WP weekly photo challenge to force myself to stay on track. Every little bit helps.


      1. Give it a try. I don’t do too well with prompts either, but have an amateur’s interest in photography and it helps me from that perspective. I find myself looking forward to the “week’s prompt”, which sends me on a digital adventure, which sometimes inspires me to write. Go figure!


  2. I finally found a kind of rhythm to my blogging by doing something I’m finding fun — the Monday Classroom and Wednesday “free for all” where I write about whatever I want (but lately seems to be more about health, fitness, and “product reviews” ) – and then leaving friday open for links or videos so I don’t have to “think so much” about a post.

    Before I moved back to wordpress, I just wrote whatever came to mind about whatever anything blah blah bleah – and I didn’t feel a connection to the blog. I was bored. So, this new schedule and leaving blogspot was a shot of B vitamins for me 😀 So far; so good!


    1. I’m glad you found what worked for you, Kat. I’m too disorganized for such a routine I think. I’ve tried before to have particularly kinds of posts on certain days, even writing them far ahead of time, but when it came time to publish those posts, very often, they weren’t what I was interested in talking about that day … or ever again. 🙂

      I’m afraid I don’t really see my blog as providing a public service. It’s more like an invitation to pull a chair up to my table and chat.


      1. I just decided to do what is fun right now – if I start to feel as if it is a “chore” then I won’t do it anymore. So the classroom and the wednesday posts right now are fun! Don’t know that I’m much of a service to anyone – but I hope people have a laugh and learn something at the least! 😀


  3. Linda, that one hour threw me for and my whole into dissaray – we are still trying to find out footing. Maybe it’s because the kids are still young, but we were hungry at the wrong times (early for some weird reason), and getting to sleep sooo late that everyone has been miserable all week!

    I don’t think I follow the first rule of blogging very well: blog.

    Hope things are coming back for you!


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