29 thoughts on “Problem commenting on my blog?”

  1. A new theme … I really like the header image. There is always something special to a sunrise and sunset twilight.


    1. Yes, I’m still fiddling, David. I realized Twenty Eleven doesn’t allow sidebars on post pages. Of course, this theme doesn’t allow footer widgets, so sooner or later, unless someone stops the madness, infinite scrolling will be added to the home page. I’m hoping this theme will be spared though because it was designed by the head guy at WordPress and in his original background the color fades from dark blue to golden (befitting the theme name Dusk to Dawn), but if he institutes infinite scrolling, I don’t think anyone would every see that because readers would never get to the bottom … well, on brand new blogs they might, but I doubt anyone is going to scroll down through 500+ posts on mine.

      Oh, and I love that photo too, though I took it from a moving car on my old iPhone. It was a poignant image for the end of a wonderful day at the coast. 🙂


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