29 thoughts on “Problem commenting on my blog?

  1. WP isn’t good at the old saying “if ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. Regarding support, if you’re waiting for a reply or anything, you’ll be like the girl waiting for that phone call your date never makes. It took them over 8 weeks to reply to a rendering issue I had with them.


      1. Good you’re not waiting on them.

        Some of the “improvements” they’ve instituted I have to wonder about, like the planned move of the Stats page from the dashboard which will now be from the tab on the WP home page. It makes no sense. When I first started with WP, it was all about simplicity so that you could focus your attention on writing a quality post. Some of the other improvements, like a wider range of themes, I like.

        I guess its like a lot things, gotta take the good, not so good, and the bad.


      1. I noticed, for example, that I had to ‘approve’ the comment of someone who comments on my blog all the time! It’s just stupid…and you’re right, I don’t think they’ll do anything to fix it…sigh


  2. I haven’t been able to log in to my WordPress account for ages now (even new passwords don’t work), but now WordPress blogs don’t allow me to comment by filling in my information, because it “recognizes” my e-mail as a wordpress one, so it wants me to log in. I then have to log-in using my Facebook account, but I prefer logging in by filling in the information so my name is linked to the correct blog. (I use Blogger.)

    I will just have to leave my e-mail blank. Sucks though.


    1. Rebecca, I suspect many have the same problem. Some signed up with WP ages ago and no longer remember the password or even that they ever had one. I guess they can still jump through the hoops to create a new password, but I doubt any would do that to leave a comment on my blog. Lately, WP is resembling Facebook with making changes users don’t want.


  3. My problem Linda was not being able to comment on anyone else’s blog. WP seemed to think I was a spammer. After contacted WP and Akismet a couple of times it was sorted out. And James at WP did respond to one of my emails.
    And just why WP had to fiddle around with something that wasn’t broken is beyond most of us.


    1. I didn’t envy your problem, Judith. I’m all for cutting down the spam. On some days I get over 100 in my spam folder, but at least they don’t show on my blog. Surely there was a way to deal with the spam without also cutting down on commenting.


  4. Yep, universal problem. Made we wish I’d never set up a Gravatar. Hopefully they roll back this change soon. We share your pain, Linda! Very frustrating. (Especially since many blogs require an email address to leave a comment.)


  5. Hopefully they will get around to fixing all these bugs soon. I have not encountered any problems when trying to leave comments. Ugh, technology can be a pain the neck sometimes.


  6. Since the advent of the “like” button, actual blog comments have already fell into a decline. With these new changes I believe we will see yet another drop in comment participation. Oh well – I like talking to myself, NOT!


    1. I suppose you’re right about the like button reducing the number of comments, Kim, but at least a “like” let’s me know someone read the post. When I’m reading others blogs, I don’t always have a comment to make, but I do like the writer to know I read and appreciated what they had to say.


    1. Yes, I’m still fiddling, David. I realized Twenty Eleven doesn’t allow sidebars on post pages. Of course, this theme doesn’t allow footer widgets, so sooner or later, unless someone stops the madness, infinite scrolling will be added to the home page. I’m hoping this theme will be spared though because it was designed by the head guy at WordPress and in his original background the color fades from dark blue to golden (befitting the theme name Dusk to Dawn), but if he institutes infinite scrolling, I don’t think anyone would every see that because readers would never get to the bottom … well, on brand new blogs they might, but I doubt anyone is going to scroll down through 500+ posts on mine.

      Oh, and I love that photo too, though I took it from a moving car on my old iPhone. It was a poignant image for the end of a wonderful day at the coast. 🙂


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