29 thoughts on “Problem commenting on my blog?”

  1. Yep, universal problem. Made we wish I’d never set up a Gravatar. Hopefully they roll back this change soon. We share your pain, Linda! Very frustrating. (Especially since many blogs require an email address to leave a comment.)


  2. Hopefully they will get around to fixing all these bugs soon. I have not encountered any problems when trying to leave comments. Ugh, technology can be a pain the neck sometimes.


  3. Since the advent of the “like” button, actual blog comments have already fell into a decline. With these new changes I believe we will see yet another drop in comment participation. Oh well – I like talking to myself, NOT!


    1. I suppose you’re right about the like button reducing the number of comments, Kim, but at least a “like” let’s me know someone read the post. When I’m reading others blogs, I don’t always have a comment to make, but I do like the writer to know I read and appreciated what they had to say.


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