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Two fences, three dogs, and one literary journal

It’s a holiday weekend, so I’ll keep this post light and breezy—like Spring. Speaking of breezy, it’s been more than breezy on this side of the valley lately. Unfortunately (for every reason except shade), we have two gargantuan sycamore trees in our back yard that love to drop sizeable limbs on our roof, so it’s been a boomrattleshake month.

Last month, we had a real guster that took down our ancient privacy fence. How weird to see our neighbors’ back yards. I grew up with back yards separated by waist-high wire fences. Neighbors had no outdoor privacy. They spoke to each other, which was good or bad depending on the neighbor. Anyway, we have a bright new six-foot high board fence now. Fort Lewis is secure once again.

The strong new fence comes at a good time because we are dog-sitting three dogs for the next week. Three. 3. The dogs are a family, so at least we don’t have to deal with canine territorial wars—though I suspect our cat is planning a bombing mission. When our Lizzie was still alive, we had two dogs in the house when we sat for our son’s dog, but three is a first. Let’s hope I survive this adventure.

If you were around here in January, you may remember that I announced Vine Leaves Literary Journal had published a vignette of mine—without the last line. The editors apologized, of course, and promised to reprint it in the next issue. Well, that issue is out now, and it’s a lovely mixture of vignettes, poetry, artwork, and photography, so check it out here:  Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Issue 2.

Happy Easter, however you celebrate it!

12 thoughts on “Two fences, three dogs, and one literary journal”

  1. Have fun with your three guests. Our cats would not be very happy if 3 dogs came to stay. Hope your cat manages OK. Happy Easter my writer friend!


  2. Your poor kitty! Last time we had visiting dogs, Lola hid under our bed. Unfortunately, one of the visitors was a dachshund and able to scoot under the bed as well.

    It was weeks before Lola forgave us.


    1. The thing is, Natasha, the dogs don’t pay any attention to her, but she still hisses and hides. When our dog Lizzie was alive, the cat used to sleep with her, but she has no use for any dogs now, no matter how mild-mannered they are.


  3. Hopefully the dog visitors will know a cat runs your house.

    We know about how wooden fences and wind do not get along. We went chain link after having to rebuild the wooden fence twice in 14 months.

    Have a good Easter, and an adventurous week with your canine house guests.


    1. Our cat prefers to stay to herself, David, rather than deign to even look at such lowly creatures as dogs.

      Wow, two fences in 14 months? Do you live in a wind tunnel? 🙂

      Thank you. We had a nice weekend, and the doggies are behaving quite well.


  4. Well at least having three dogs house guests adds a little something different to your schedule. 🙂
    BTW: Your link for the Vine Leaves Literary Journal doesn’t seem to be working.


    1. Definitely a different schedule, Dana. 🙂 They tell me when it’s time to go to bed (early) and they demand breakfast at dawn. I’m becoming a creature of the day again.

      I checked the Vine Leaves link and it’s coded properly. It worked for me when I clicked, so maybe it was a fluke when you tried.


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