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Strawberries and Sandals

It’s that lovely time of year when strawberries are ripe. Until I moved to the San Joaquin Valley of California, I’d never had such delicious—or huge—ones.

I try to stop at the field stands a few times during each season. And then I make sweetened shortcake and whipped cream and we have a meal of dessert—a child’s dream. Spring is a perfect time for child-like behavior. Spring is a child, don’t you think?

On Sunday, my family celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our Kaitlyn’s birth. I can’t quite wrap my brain around that because she’s my granddaughter. Today, is my third son Joseph’s birthday. He claims he’s thirty-eight, but that’s impossible. Since everyone else is clearly lying about their ages, I’ve decided  to be forty-five this year. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Anyway, if you know me, you know I never wear shoes unless forced. As I started to leave for the party on Sunday, I realized I had forgotten to put on glasses and shoes. Unfortunately, I stopped off at my darkened closet before I retrieved my glasses.

Confession: I’m a clutterer. I have a shoe rack, it’s mostly empty because either my shoes are wherever I stepped out of them or piled in front of the shoe rack. So, on Sunday, in my haste and blurriness, I simply slipped my feet into sandals lying next to each other. Obviously, I’m oblivious. This is what I left the house wearing.

Yeah. I did. When did I notice? After I came home.

You know that absent-minded professor stereotype? Does that apply to writers too?

37 thoughts on “Strawberries and Sandals”

  1. Those sandals are cute together. Maybe you’ll start a new fashion trend.

    I know a full-time pro writer who regularly forgets to eat. Seriously. She forgets to eat. Friends have to remind her.

    I’ve left the house without a bra before, more than once. You know that dream where you walk around in public undressed? That dream doesn’t scare me anymore.

    Writers live in multiple words. I think we should be excused for forgetting trivial everyday matters from time to time.


    1. Yep I’m a trend setter. Best laugh of the day, Ann. 😀

      I could do with forgetting to eat. Actually, I did when I was writing Brevity. I don’t have that luxury now, with my husband home expecting three meals a day. And it shows. 😦

      Fearless Ann! 🙂

      You wrote: Writers live in multiple words. I think you meant “worlds” and agree with your following statement. But it’s also true we live in multiple words. I like the idea of living among words. 🙂


  2. I read this in the car this morning waiting for the rain to subside, and I laughed and laughed–in a good natured way because I can so relate!
    Thanks for sharing that 🙂


  3. @Linda: That’s hilarious, it took me several looks to realise you were wearing odd sandals. I bet most people didn’t even notice.

    @Suzanne: I keep reading your Samuel story, I love it so much but I want more, you need to write a sequel 😉


          1. Hopefully Samuel’s wife croaked a while back and Marissa’s hubby runs away to join the circus and thus, Marissa and Samuel can live happily ever 😀
            (ooops, apologies to Linda for hijacking her post to ramble…)


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