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Where in the world is that scene I wrote?

Thrice in the last few weeks, I’ve searched my notes in vain for a first-draft scene I’d written for my WIP. When I say first-draft scene, I mean dialogue with a few actions in place. And when I say thrice, I mean for three different scenes.

I have both a large notebook and a small one I carry in my purse, which I use to take notes when I’m away from the computer. Nothing in either. I create computer files, specifically for notes and partial scenes, for each novel and story I work on. Nothing. How can that be?

Every time I look in the mirror, my gray hair reminds me my brain is old, so these missing scenes freak me out. I’m determined to find the culprit because I really don’t want to think it’s my imagination. Did I “write” them while in the shower or driving? I often get inspiration or a breakthrough doing those things. Did I dream these scenes?

I don’t believe it’s my imagination because I can still see them clearly on my mental movie screen. Now, though, the sound is broken up. I haven’t had any computer problems (or SUE oops!) to explain their disappearance. So, apparently, I only thought I wrote them out.

Oh, wait! Maybe there’s a scene thief on the loose. Yeah, it must be that. I’m on the case.

And speaking of the world: The print version of The Brevity of Roses can now be ordered directly through the Amazon stores in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. So, yay!

In other news: What I love about my community of writers is our willingness to help each other succeed. Often we’re not sure how much we actually help, but sometimes we get a special thank you to let us know how much our efforts were appreciated.

Dana Mason’s debut novel Dangerous Embrace is the first in a contemporary suspenseful romance series and will debut this October. A couple of days ago she said some nice things about me—elegant superhero?—and she awarded me this Random Act of Kindness award. Isn’t that sweet of her? Don’t forget to put Dangerous Embrace on your watch list!

15 thoughts on “Where in the world is that scene I wrote?”

  1. Linda, I was very excited to see that your new book was available for free on the Kindle. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Kindle, so I thought I’d try to buy it on my Nook. When I checked they didn’t even have it for sale. I hope that it will be available soon. I’m excited to read it.


    1. I’m sorry, Robin, but for now my book is exclusive with Amazon. For a year, the eBook was available everywhere, but had few sales for the other platforms, so I enrolled it in the Kindle Select program. I know you can’t get the free Kindle app for the Nook, but you can for a Smartphone, iPad, PC or Mac.


  2. Oh, and I totally get what you mean about forgetting where you put your scenes…and keys…and children. What is it with getting older?


  3. We all know that I have a sort of techno phobia! But if Ray Kurzweil ever invents a way for me to subconsciously record every line of poetry that has ever gone through my brain WITHOUT EVER recording the other private stuff – I’M FIRST IN LINE!

    Your RAOK recognition was well deserved. Good luck finding/re-finding your scenes. And yes, I have Dana’s book on my list already!


      1. Thanks! I cropped it from a picture of hubby and me under the pergola we built for my grape vines. That white thing by my face is his shoulder. No, he’s not exceptionally tall. I’m exceptionally short. LOL.


  4. Yep, there are such things as manuscript thiefs, scene thiefs, word thiefs, appointment calendar thiefs. My home is full of them. I’ve given up trying to have them arrested. They are now part of my life. Oh, well. LOL


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