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Am I the only pinless writer out there?

I heard about Pinterest a couple of months ago. Just as I got ready to create an account, I read some discussion about the Pinterest terms of service—specifically, the part that says it’s your responsibility to pin only content that you own the copyright to or have obtained permission to use. I decided not to sign-up.

So, yeah. Have you been to Pinterest? Is anyone abiding by that copyright rule? Practically everyone I know is pinning like crazy and I’m not. Does it matter? I don’t think droves of people would flock to my board and go into a repin frenzy, but is it something I’d like to have for myself? Could I create boards for my writing projects and pin inspirational photos like so many other writers do?

What do you think? Do you Pin?

33 thoughts on “Am I the only pinless writer out there?”

  1. The copyright thing worries me with Pinterest. Also, I guess I’m just not that into networking that way. I don’t like knowing that FB or Google or Pinterest or whatever have so. much. personal. information. on. me. Eventually I’ll probably start an author page on FB and/or do Twitter but right now I want to concentrate on writing. And going to the beach. 🙂

    Scrivener is a good place to store images and ideas that might be useful in a WIP or future WIP. Of course, I also use the floor around my desk and that makes my entire office a bit of a fire trap…


    1. Well, I took the plunge into Pinterest, Natasha. So far, I’ve mostly repinned photos posted by others, which link back to original site/blog, and they probably won’t mind the increase of traffic. I think I’ve only uploaded two of my own photos, but eventually I’ll do more of that. But I need to use more of my own photos on this blog and then I might increase traffic here.

      Anyway, I’m having fun and it feels like I’m organizing my brain, which can’t be a bad thing. I’m able to express more of myself there than I can on this blog, though some of that could spill over here. Do you think my readers would want to know that I no longer use shampoo?


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