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Apparently, I need a blog editor

It appears my last post is an example of why I edit, edit, edit when I write fiction. Evidently, I need to do the same when I write these blog posts. I thought I wrote a positive post. I thought I shared a bit of wisdom. But I confused some of you, so obviously my thoughts did not make the trip from brain to keyboard intact.

For the record, I’m happy to be a published author. I’m proud of my first novel and excited to get my next one out soon. I’m thrilled that I have fans—FANS—can you believe it? I hope thousands of readers discover my books, but if they do, it will most likely be by word of mouth because, by nature and by choice, I am not a high-profile writer.

However, if I’m destined to become an author known throughout this world and beyond, so be it.

Speaking of editing, I have now written 90% of the first draft of my next novel, so I’ll soon be ready for that stage. I hoped I might crank out those last 10,000 words this week, but I’ve been stalled since Monday night. I mentioned my dilemma on Facebook yesterday and a few of my writing friends let me know this is a common occurrence at this point in a draft. I guess I’ve forgotten.

I think the problem is my attempt to not write this novel as a pantser. I wrote a simple outline and several key scenes before I started the draft, but—as they always do—the characters had their own ideas. I quit following the outline some time back and eliminated or revised some of the scenes, but I still have a couple that I can’t decide whether to use as is, revise, or trash. So, until my characters show me the way, I’m stuck.

And speaking of Facebook, have you LIKED my author page? I’ll be thrilled if you do. It takes only two clicks, first click on this link and then click LIKE to the right of my name. Come on, I dare ya’.

Even if you don’t LIKE me, I wish you a wonderful end of the week. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Apparently, I need a blog editor”

  1. Don’t worry, Linda. You are not alone. I’m notorious for coming across exactly the opposite of my intention. Show me one person (deities excluded) that is perfect and I’ll show you someone who is either delusional or really, really, great at faking it.


    1. Thanks, K. It’s this silly online thing where my tone of voice and facial expression can’t enhance my words. Also, unlike real life conversation, I can’t see readers’ befuddled expressions as a clue you have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂


  2. I think all pantsers face problems when they try to outline. Since we’ve been used to just winging everything, it can be confusing when the ideas are laid out in front of us and we have to decide what to do with them. And it’s never helpful when a person’s indecisive!


  3. Ok, I’m confused again. Put the champagne on ice or not?!? *grins*
    Just kidding. Of course I like you, and have liked your page a looooooong time ago. Seriously, when you finish that book it’s cigars and Brandy! Perhaps no cigars since I don’t smoke, but I do celebrate milestones such as printing the words “The End”.



    1. No cigar for me either, Jimmy. 🙂 You know I never typed The End on Brevity. Maybe that’s why it spawned a sequel. I’ll remember to do that this time. WE can’t have these novels multiplying like rabbits.


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