News News News!!!

I would like to inform you that The Brevity of Roses and its sequel An Illusion of Trust have been optioned for movie deals! Unfortunately, I can’t because that’s not true. But if it were, you might have heard that news first in a special edition of my all new, totally fabulous newsletter.

I call it Linda’s Letter, you know, sort of like love letter because I love that you show an interest in me and my writing. In return, I’d like to show my gratitude by offering my newsletter subscribers exclusives like sneak peeks, contests, special deals, and well … insider news.

Don’t worry; I won’t be spamming you daily with “news” of what I ate for lunch. Linda’s Letter will drop into your inbox monthly, with an occasional interim update. I’m sure if I have news like signing the above movie deal or ten hot celebrities being photographed reading my books in the same week you’ll want to know immediately, right?

Please, be assured I won’t sell or share your email address.

C’mon, I know you can’t stand the thought that someone else might know something about me or my writing before you do. And you certainly don’t want to be the last on your block to subscribe, so here’s the link. It’s also right over there –> at the top of the sidebar.

4 thoughts on “News News News!!!”

  1. You’re so bad!! When I read that opening sentence I began mentally preparing my two-week’s notice so that I could immeditaly become your publicist or assitant or something!! Darn it! 😉 You did hook me with your last sentence, however, I would be ticked if – as your neighbor – I was not one of the absolute first to hear any and all big news before your adoring public.
    Off to sign up…



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