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To know my own mind

I’ve said many times that I hate making decisions. I blame it on having a Libra sun sign—you know, that being able to see both sides thing? Of course, the real cause of indecision is fear. I fear making the WRONG choice. And the basis of that fear is vanity, but let’s not go into that today.

My current indecisiveness concerns the cover for my next novel. I have two of them, now. I like each for different reasons. I’ve curbed what I usually do in these situations—seek a zillion other opinions. I’ve only sought two opinions for the first cover and one, so far, for the second.

I’d like to just go with my gut, but my gut doesn’t have the eye of an experienced designer. Then again, I don’t always think the covers on some best-sellers from the big New York publishers are all that hot. See those scales tipping this way and that?

These cover choices will soon be followed by choices in editing when I receive notes from my beta readers. I’ll have to decide whether to follow or ignore each of their suggestions. Some of those decisions will be no-brainers, but others will twist my brain in knots.

My goal for this book was to be more self-reliant, to trust my gut more. To know my own mind. And I do, but I still don’t trust it enough. The need for approval is crippling, isn’t it? Do you struggle with that?

24 thoughts on “To know my own mind”

  1. Always! I used to have trouble making decisons (and still do at times) But I met an old fellow named Charlie Tremendous Jones and he said, “there is no right or wrong decisons. You make the decison and then you make it the right.” That has helped me a lot over the years. But I have found no cure for the need for approval.


    1. I’m such a wimp, aren’t I, Darlene? I do make decisions, obviously, but always wonder what if I’d made a different one. In any case, I’ve made my decision on the cover. I suppose, if I truly believed there are no right or wrong decisions, then I wouldn’t need approval either.


  2. I really love what Darlene said about right and wrong decisions, and I’ve become a big fan of trusting one’s gut.

    As for acceptance blah-blah-blah! I don’t buy into that kind of machine thinking. See the post going up in a few minutes. Besides, It’s love one can’t live without and you get plenty of that from all of us! 😉


    1. I’m a fan too, K. I admire those who seem not to need the approval of others. I’m just not there, and at my age, I doubt I ever will be. But decisions have to be made, so I make them. Obviously, I need to get better at moving on afterward. 😉

      And what happened to your post? The preview in my reader, wasn’t at all what’s on your blog.


      1. I realized I was babbling AGAIN and so shortened the post for the sake of making my point without wasting a lot of words. I suppose you can tell by my actions that I’m currently editing the fat out of my first serial installment to make room for the required additions. 😀 The need for brevity is becoming oh-so-apparent in the rest of my writing endeavors. My reader followers are (from time to time) subject to a lot of unnecessary rambling – unfortunately. 😉


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