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A letter from my Muse

Listen up, Linda!

I’ve taken all I can take these last three weeks. Your emotional roller coaster is making me sick. Chill the heck out. You’re a writer. Writers write. And writers, if they’re smart, let trusted writers read their work and give them feedback. And if those writers are any help at all, they give you honest critique. Got it?

So they told you the book isn’t done. So they suggested more than a few little tweaks. Get over it. Stop this rush to worst case scenario. You are not a fake. You are not the worst writer in the world. You are not too stupid or too old to learn (though you just might be too stubborn). And you are not going to delete your blog, your Facebook page, and your Twitter account.

And, above all else, you are not going to throw this book out and start another one.

Get a grip. Quit your whining. Stop your bellyaching.  Walk out on the pity party and lock the door behind you.


You have a good story, but we’re about to make it fantastic. Got it? Okay. Let’s go.

Signed, Your wise and patient Muse

Geez, the stuff a Muse has to put up with.

28 thoughts on “A letter from my Muse”

  1. *laughs*
    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Linda. I have been spending too much time worrying about the spiderwebs on my Amazon page, so this helped. I may walk away one day, but it won’t be tomorrow.
    I hope life has been treating you well, my dear friend. *hugs*



    1. Hi, Jimmy. Enjoying this cold weather? 🙂

      If I tell you this “letter” is no joke, does that tell you how life’s been treating me—writing life, I mean? I’m fine now, but it was touch and go there for a while.


  2. K. McGee say, “Better to receive corrective tongue in private than to receive laughing one in public!”

    Honestly written reviews are valuable tools! Your muse is a wise companion.


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