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Impatience and writing don’t mix!

I’ve been more aware of my impatience writing this last novel. Losing three months due to illness, made me feel rushed to get back on schedule. It didn’t matter that the schedule was self-imposed. I’d hoped to streamline my concept-to-publishing timeline this time. But haste makes waste—or typos, at least.

powEventually, after much writing, editing, and reading, reading, reading, I pronounced An Illusion of Trust as ready, done, finished. I sent out ARCs. Christa Polkinhorn and I exchanged ARCs. When she pointed out a few typos in Illusion, I decided to reread it one more time.

POW! WHAP! Ewwww …

I found a few more typos and many sentences that needed tweaking. Cassie Hart, another ARC reader, pointed me to the typos she’d noticed—a couple of which neither I nor Christa had caught. My concern wasn’t that the typos existed because I suspect my remaining ARC readers will catch another lurker or two, but what bothered me was where those typos occurred.

Not a single one of the edits we found were in a sentence as originally written. I edit as I write, so much of my first draft remains unchanged by subsequent edits. I created every one of those typos during later editing. In fact, I made most of them in the final-polish stage.

So as I correct these typos and tweak these sentences, I’m conscious to slow down, read each word and punctuation mark, so I don’t introduce another problem. For my next novel, when I think it’s at ARC stage, I’ll wait a week and then read it through ONE MORE TIME. Even then, with familiarity clouding the editing brain, I won’t catch every Pow and Whap, but I might avoid the Ewwww.

I hope you do too.


18 thoughts on “Impatience and writing don’t mix!”

  1. *smiles* No worries, my dear friend. One day you will have an entire staff to catch all of this stuff for you – perhaps even an entire wing of a large publishing house. In the meantime, thanks for the tip – and don’t beat yourself up too much about it. Thankfully we have pals, buddies and great friends to assist us in this crazy endeavor that we call indie publishing.
    Looking forward to the release.
    P.S.: Want a sneak peak at my ultra-secret new book cover? Send me an e-mail and I’ll let you be one of the very first to check it out. Yes, I know – such a tease! 😉


  2. I’m amazed at where these nasty devils come from and so easily over-looked. Our eyes have a mind of their own. We see what we think is on the page. Self-pub or traditional, typos are there. Ah well, we’re all human.


    1. Oh yes, Laura, our brains see what we think we wrote, not necessarily what’s on front of us. I’m using the trick of changing to a different font on my Kindle and have caught a couple more.


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