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Life between books is …

My husband saw my Facebook status saying I would take a month off before starting work on my next novel, so I guess I have to keep that vow. I do have many other things needing my attention—like housework. Yeah. Ugh. But menial tasks leave your mind free to wander, and wander mine will to what I’ll write next.

window_viewIf you followed this blog last year, you might remember that I changed my mind a few times on which project would be my next book. I think I’ll keep quiet on that front this time until I’m absolutely, positively sure. After all, I have a reputation to protect. Or are crazy writers the hot new thing to be?

Of course, since I’ve rejoined a small critique group, I’ll have some writing involvement in the next month. In particular, I’ll be seeking feedback on some short stories already written. And I’ll be reading some books that have gathered dust in my TBR pile.

Life between books is strange. It’s disconcerting when I wake up and realize I have no book to work on that day. But clean windows are nice too. Maybe I’ll see something through them to inspire a great story.

Your turn: What’s ahead for you this next month?


25 thoughts on “Life between books is …”

  1. “Writers never take a holiday, they are either writing or thinking about writing.” Not sure who said that but it sure rings true. I agree with Christa, you have to be somewhat crazy to be a writer. Enjoy your “holiday”. XO


  2. It seems as if I’m always between books. Or maybe that would be better stated as being back and forth between books. 😉 Enjoy your break. I’ll be over here by the Atlantic toying with all kinds of stuff, as always.


    1. I know the feeling of going back and forth between books, DS. Only, I fear I end up not doing justice to any project when I scatter my energies. It might not be so bad if I ended up with several books done at once, but I only end up with several unfinished books. I wish you better results. 😉


  3. If you’re anything like me, Linda, then I know the mind your mind is always going. It’s picking plot points out of the air, catching cool character traits in the people that cross our paths, etc., etc. Something will make itself known to you. Trust me.
    As for me, this year will be about releasing and promoting my newest book. With my limited time I can only take on one project a year or so. Best wishes for your newest release.



    1. Yes, Jimmy, I think even when we’re not conscious of thinking about writing, our minds are absorbing material to be used later. I have three novels, in different stages, I could work on, I just haven’t decided which to chose first—or if a fourth will demand to be first. Excitement and anxiety always. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to reading your new book, Jimmy.


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