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My Month of No Writing

My self-imposed hiatus from writing is over. I needed to take a break because I’d just published another novel and wanted to get caught up on things I’d neglected while working on that book. I stepped away from the keyboard, did some housework, and started reading again. So did I cheat by writing?

Well, I succeeded in not writing any new fiction, but I did revise two short pieces. One I needed to submit to my critique group and the other I’m considering submitting to an online journal. But it was easy not to start on a new novel project—too easy.


I have a serious case of the writing blahs. It’s not because I don’t have an idea for another novel. In fact, I have four ideas, in various stages of pre-writing. But I have no enthusiasm for working on any of them because I’m questioning everything to do with writing.

Actually, that’s not true. I don’t question why I write. I always have and will continue to make up stories, some to write down and others to keep in my head, because that entertains and challenges me. So I guess what I’m really questioning is publication—what to publish, how to publish, whether to publish at all.

I’m a little angry at myself about all this indecision. I thought I’d settled this long ago. I’ve been published for two years now, and I’ve stated that my true aim for publishing was only to share my writing. Now I’ve done that and even had the thrill of total strangers telling me how much they loved my stories. So am I whiney and shallow to be dissatisfied?

That’s only one of the many questions draining my energy. Every time I think I’ve weighed the pros and cons of something I’m questioning, the whole thing slips and slides and flips on me. I talk myself into something and then talk myself out of it. Clearly I don’t have any solid answers yet. But I think I’m going to have to find some before I regain the motivation to start writing another novel because, right now, my Muse is just lying there, inert with the blahs.

Can you relate?

12 thoughts on “My Month of No Writing”

  1. Can I relate? Oh, yes. In my case it is mainly a lack of enthusiasm and drive. I have an idea for my next novel, wrote a blurb and described some of the characters. I even started the first chapter but I get about one paragraph done a day and then I do something else again (like paging through Facebook, etc. etc. etc). Since the novel has something to do with vineyards and wine making, I started reading a book about it and that seems to be a lot more interesting than working on the darn novel. My muse is on an extended leave and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was lying in the grass up there right next to yours. Let’s just give them a break and not worry. Have a glass of wine, perhaps a Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec or whatever!


    1. Ha, Christa, I expect I’ll need to sample them all! 😉 A friend just sent me a link to a post I very much needed to read. I think I’ll share that in my next post. I believe what we’re experiencing is quite common.


  2. You know how I feel about all of this. I do hope you get to a happier place eventually. This writing thing is crazy, but one thing I’ve learned is that it is constantly evolving within us and the only way to make it work is to evolve with it. If that means going through a period of not doing much, I say roll with it. 🙂


    1. Yes, Michelle, I know. And I also know I will get to a happier place. Right now, it’s enough to fiddle with a few short stories, so I’ll leave the novels for another time. Que sera sera, non? 🙂


  3. Oh yes, I can also relate. It used to be fun and exciting, and now that I’m published it’s just work. There’s no more fun anymore. I haven’t written in about 2 months. And quite honestly, I just don’t feel like writing another thing ever again. I wish I could get past this because it’s driving me nuts. Because I WANT to write. I just don’t want to. You know.

    Does this make any sense at all?


    1. Oh, Anne, I miss the fun and excitement too. I was just thinking this morning how glorious it felt when I was writing Brevity and wondering how to get that back—if it’s possible. I’m sorry you’re feeling the same way, but it helps me to know I’m not alone. I’ll be sharing a link that might help in my next post. 🙂


  4. I can relate to taking a haitus from writing. I did so for almost a year and took a detour away from social media as well. In my case the reason I had started writing passed away. After losing my muse I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write anymore without her (she was far more than a working dog for the deaf). Over time it became quite clear she had taught me a valuable lesson, my writing gives me a voice in the silence….

    I can feel my characters getting restless again. I’ll always write in some form. Whether I get published or not – only time will tell. I believe sometimes we lose our voice and forget what it sounds like underlining the tapestry of what we write. If we continue to listen we’ll hear the echoes in the silence calling out to us. (Hugs)Indigo


    1. I’m sorry for your loss, Indigo. I can imagine the bond you had. But I’m happy to hear you’re inspired to write again. Sometimes we let the false voices drown out the true ones. Let’s keep writing. 🙂


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