DAY 2—The Brevity of Roses or An Illusion of Trust GIVEAWAY!


IGNORE THE DATE on this post. It should read 25 May, Saturday. 

We’re on Day 2 of my end-of-May giveaway extravaganza! I’m giving away ONE eBOOK EACH DAY for five days. Winners get a choice between The Brevity of Roses or its sequel An Illusion of Trust.


Don’t despair if you entered yesterday, but didn’t win. You have four more chances because it’s a new giveaway each day. If you don’t win today, you can enter again tomorrow or the next day or the next—four more drawings in all! And if you win one book, you can enter the next day to try for the other.

IMPORTANT: Since these are five separate contests, you must follow the entry instructions each day you want to be entered in the drawing. Entries DO NOT carry over to the next contest.

All eBooks are in the Kindle format, but you don’t have to own a Kindle to read them. The FREE Kindle app is available for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer.

AIT_widgetSo, how do you enter? You enter by clicking one of those social media icons below to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. And then leave a comment here to let me know where you shared.

Each day’s entry period runs from midnight to midnight (PST) and will choose the winners.

READY … SET … GO and good luck!


Congratulations to our Day 2 winner, Natasha Alexander!

27 thoughts on “DAY 2—The Brevity of Roses or An Illusion of Trust GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hi Linda,
    As you know I loved The Brevity of Roses and reviewed it on my blog. Maybe the same can happen with your sequel; that would be fun. I prefer paper books, but I’m trying anyway as I do have a Kindle. 🙂
    Congrats on Illusion of Trust.


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