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This is my last blog post!


This is NOT my last blog post! Forget reading it; you’ll only get confused. SORRY about that.

Back when I used to have fun blogging, that’s the kind of catchy blog post titles I wrote. I miss that fun. Once before, I questioned why I’d begun watching only drama on TV. I don’t know why I keep getting so serious that I forget to have fun.

The “old-timers” here might remember weekend blog parties where the silliest of silliness ensued. Maybe that was because we were all still dreaming of being published. We hadn’t yet been sobered by reality—or I hadn’t, at least. Sometimes reality sucks, and the only thing that keeps you going is the dream of what could be.

I feel younger, more alive, when I have a dream. So … I need a new one. Or maybe a return to an old dream. In a way, I guess this will be my last post. My last without a dream. My last without an awareness of the joy that can bring to life.

Talk to me: What’s a dream that brings you joy?


ETA: Apparently my post is being misread. Sorry for the confusion. I am NOT taking a break from blogging. The blog title was a tease. And I only said this was my last post IN ONE SENSE.

21 thoughts on “This is my last blog post!”

  1. I did actually read this when it came through my reader, and I was confused for a minute, then I thought, no she’s being clever here. I waited for comments to show up, and voila! I was right! Sorry I’m just commenting now. I’m glad you have a dream backing you up now. It’s important for me to have a shiny goal, otherwise I just keep falling flat and depressed. Yeah, I haven’t been like that lately at ALL. *cough*


    1. I think I need to work on my “clever” huh, Michelle? Yes, my dream is the rope pulling me out of quicksand—either I hold tight or I go under. Don’t lose sight of your shiny goal, sweet friend. 🙂


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