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The Brevity of Roses is a Finalist!

2013finalist-200x197In May, I told you that my novel The Brevity of Roses had been nominated for The eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Today, I’m happy to announce it’s been chosen as a finalist in the General Fiction (Mainstream Fiction) category. Now, the voting begins.

I’m asking, pleading, imploring, begging you to vote for my book. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top. It will cost you nothing but only a couple of minutes of the rest of your life, but it will make me very happy.

Below are the voting instructions courtesy of Julie Dawson. Please note the bolded section in step 1.

Voting instructions:

1. You must be registered at the eFestival of Words to vote. Registration is free. Please note, after you hit “Submit” your registration is complete. You don’t have to do anything with the ad that shows up after you click “Submit.” Some people think this is part of the registration process. It isn’t. The ads help pay for the site so feel free to check them out if you like, but you are not required to do anything with them. It’s just the way the forum is set up. [ED. look for the tiny NO THANKS to opt out.]

2. Once you are registered, go the Awards Hall.

3. Each category has a separate thread in the Awards Hall where readers can discuss the finalists. Click on the category you want to vote in, and then enter your vote!

4. Please note, only one vote per member. Multiple accounts for purposes of voting prohibited.

Voting begins today. So go. Please. And thank you for your support! 


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