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Am I blogging?

When I first started this blog, almost five years ago, almost every writer I knew had one. Of course, at that time, almost every writer I knew was unpublished. We blogged our writing progress, our highs and lows in agent searching, our frustrations, insights, and dreams. We visited each other’s blogs and actually left comments—the Like button wasn’t here on WordPress and has never been on Blogger. We also had fun.

emptyh1I miss those days, but I’m as guilty as anyone for losing the blogging spirit and becoming too busy or inwardly focused to comment—or even read—as many blogs posts as I used to. Also, I think each of us blogging writers found our niche and gravitated to bloggers who wrote in the same genres we did. As we grew in our craft and became published writers, not just aspiring writers, of necessity, we got more serious about the business side of writing.

(I’ve been using the editorial WE. Feel free to opt out of any statement that doesn’t reflect your experience. From this point on, I’ll be more cautious and speak only for myself.)

My view of blogging turned serious. I tried to make sure nothing I said on my blog could reflect badly on my public image. I felt pressured to offer sage advice. I dared speak with authority on the writing craft. I tried to hide my doubts and disappointments, always projecting positivity in hope of creating good karma. (Failed on that one.)

The word blog is an abbreviation of web log. A blog was meant to be a journal, a daily peek into what’s on your mind. As evidenced by my infrequent blogging this year, it would seem that not much is on my mind. Actually, the opposite is true. So many things are on my mind that I’m overwhelmed into silence—mostly because I’m still in the mindset of the previous paragraph.

So, I have this blog. Although about 500 people are subscribed, I think about 10 actually read my posts—and on a good post maybe 5 leave a comment. Essentially, I’m talking to myself—like journaling. The words are still here as a subtitle, but before I became a published author, this blog was titled Out of My Mind. Though some might say it’s debatable, that title did not refer to my mental state. Rather, it referred to the origin of my writing, which is mainly fiction.

Now, I’ve decided to return to blogging out of my mind. This could get scary, but I think it’s necessary for me to avoid the alternate interpretation of my blog subtitle. Even if I’m only talking to myself, it’s better than this dark silence I’m stuck in now.


22 thoughts on “Am I blogging?”

  1. I’ve changed the way I blog and I like it a lot better. It’s becoming more of a place where I can just throw up my thoughts without needing feedback and without needing to feel like it has to be important. It’s more of a journal for me now, where I can report on my progress and talk about relevant things in publishing that affect me. It’s a lot let stressful for me than it used to be. I do hope you keep writing here. I love to read the thoughts out of your mind. 🙂


    1. Your posts have always been and continue to be thought-provoking, Michelle. I’m sorry blogging was stressful for you, but glad to hear you’re enjoying it now. It’s only stressful for me when I try to be something I’m not. Let’s hope you’re still able to say you “love” reading my thoughts in the future. 😉


  2. Hello there, I washed the windows and now it’s raining. I know you wanted to know that!

    My blogging habits are extremely erratic but I started writing three pages long hand every morning and it seems to do more for my state of mind and my writing than blogging. I’ll keep blogging off and on but what I really enjoy is have other authors or artists “talk” on my blog.

    I always enjoy your posts!


    1. I’m quite envious of your rain, Christa, but sorry about your windows.

      Morning pages … that’s from a book, isn’t it? Now that I think of it, it’s rather conceited to subject others to my rambling. I don’t even phone people because I doubt they want to talk to me, so why do I blog? Hmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink this.


  3. I enjoy reading your blogs, always have. I think writing can be a lonely occupation and the connections we make through blogging fill that space nicely.


  4. Hello, my dear friend. How are you?
    My feelings about blogging change by the month. Sometimes I get serious and use it as my platform. Other times I think of it as a way to simply stay close to friends I’ve made over the years, no matter what genre we may or may not write in. Sometimes I think to quit the whole thing! In the big picture, I think I keep it just to maintain a presence. I’m happier when I’m just telling folks about music I listen to, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, another year without my Cubs winning a championship… Lol!
    I’m in the thick of this July book tour I’m doing, so that’s why you haven’t seen me. I’ll come back in August refreshed and ready to chat more about whatever comes to mind.
    Take care!



  5. Thoughts from someone who hasn’t blogged and hasn’t done the other social media platforms …

    Being more observer than anything else, I’ve noticed blogging has changed through the years. Four, five, six years ago, there seemed to be more “energy” in blogging. Not so much these days with the various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where instant impressions, thoughts and comments seemingly to be more valued. I’ve been of mind that blogging, like writing, requires a certain amount of discipline and patience in knowing what to write (or present), traits I lack on occasion.

    I look forward to some of your “out-my-mind” blogging. 😉


    1. I think you’re right that the multiplicity of platforms has diluted our “energy”, David. After awhile I think you have to decide which suits you best. I prefer for Facebook for the “instant impressions” and blogging to speak in longer form. 🙂


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