And Suddenly, It’s Fall

Where I live, it rarely rains from April to October and the summer temperatures hover around 102° F, so about mid-July we start longing for the arrival of Fall. Just when it seems summer will never let go, we wake up to a change in the air. Even if the days still heat up, we sense Fall’s presence.

oct_sceneThis past week, I woke to hardwood floors chilly enough to break out the fuzzy socks. Yay! Maybe it’s because I was born in October that I feel the energy of a beginning more than an ending.  And a boost is surely what I need now. I just finished the critique training workshop though WFWA and soon will be sorted into an online critique group. Egads! What was I thinking?

I participated in the workshop because I’m anxious to work exclusively with other women’s fiction writers. But how can I be a member of a critique group with nothing to submit? I have no choice, now, but to wake that Muse and get back to work.  Shut the doors, put in the earbuds, and start up the Bach cello suites.

So yes, I welcome the energy of Fall. Of course, it also shines a spotlight on the many other jobs I need to tackle. Maybe I’ll get a few chapters written and then switch to the mad house cleaning I used to do in November. Any long-time readers remember my NAHOCLEMO (National House Cleaning Month) challenge?

For me, these cool days present another challenge. I’ve finally decided to get serious about losing the pounds I’ve added during these last five years of sitting, sitting, sitting as I worked on this serious writing business. It’s hard to eat salad when your body’s chilled and begging for hot chocolate and cream soups and hearty casseroles. And I can’t even think about the temptations of the upcoming holidays.

Okay, as long as I keep my fingers on the keyboard, I can’t eat. Well, I could, but …


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18 thoughts on “And Suddenly, It’s Fall

    1. Isn’t that a lovely photo, Christa? It’s like a painting. I got it free last week at Morguefile, but forgot to note the photographer. I’m still looking for it to give credit.

      Only one more workshop to go, on beginnings and endings. Then I’ll be concentrating full-time on writing.


  1. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, too, and I was born in March, so it might not just be a birthday affiliation. For me, it’s just that everything seems very peaceful, winding down after the excitement of summer to prepare for a nice long rest. The colors are gorgeous, and let’s not forget that this is the harvest season, always a plus for the foodie in me!

    Fall comes with its own challenges for me, too….The biggest one really being having to fend of cats who want to snuggle for warmth when you’re trying to write (though it’s lovely when you’re reading!).


    1. I think the sense of beginning is what most feels connected with my birth, L.S. Though, I have to say I have several clear memories, from childhood to adult, that are connected with this season.

      Ha-ha. I guess I’m lucky to have an extremely aloof cat.


  2. I always feel that you are in the same room with me when I read your missives and your “Fall Line” is no different. I too thoroughly enjoy that brisk wind that blows a cool breeze, carrying with it the scent of newly fallen leaves and a fireplace just lit somewhere close by. The thoughts quickly move to Halloween and the “little ones” coming by with their big smiles beneath the Darth Vader facade, the family gathered around the table while hubby cuts the Turkey and the pine scent of our Christmas Tree with blankets over our knees to keep warm after the snow has fallen. This is truly the warmest inside season, though the outdoors is freshly chilled. Thank you for the memories.


  3. I am not a fan of fall. We have a short summer here and it doesn’t get very hot. It rains a lot all year round. Fall just means it will rain a lot more and get colder. I have learned to look at it as a time to hunker down and write. As I say this the sun is shining and I’m tempted to go for a brisk walk before I write. (I’m easily distracted) Good luck in your writing. Belonging to a critique group is a good way to stay on track as you need something to share.


    1. Then I would imagine Spring is what you look forward to, Darlene. 🙂 Believe me, after our wet, half-gloomy winters, I’m ready for spring too—at least until I realize summer’s not far behind.

      Thank you for the wish of luck. This story is certainly not coming easily.


  4. I adore fall, but it seems to have skipped straight to winter here. It’s SO COLD! It’s like we went straight from summer to November, when October is usually quite warm here. Oh well. I can hope next fall will be better. I’m glad yours is lovely! Good luck with your writing!


  5. I’m so happy to hear you’ve found a critique group! Mine has been a HUGE positive influence on my writing and my life. My group is presenting a workshop on how to structure and run an effective critique group at the North Carolina Writers’ Network conference next month. Wish you could come! Good luck with your group. (On fall: now that I’ve escaped snow country, I love fall. I hated it before because I knew that it was just a precursor to the dreaded winter.


    1. We haven’t “met” yet, Natasha, so I can’t say how well we’ll work together, but I hope it’s a positive experience. I’m glad to hear yours is successful.

      I’m that was with spring, now. I love the beginning of it, but then I start dreading summer. Right now, I just want a glorious rain storm, but there’s nothing but sun in the 5-day forecast.


  6. I love the spring most, followed by autumn. I like the change of seasons. Starting a women’s fiction critique group is a good way to start writing again. That’s why I participate in the children’s on-line groups — deadlines.


  7. I’m very late to the party here, but I am also a huge fan of fall. The rain returns, and the world is a little quieter for it.

    But I’m mostly commenting to recommend that you try a warm salad. It fits the healthy bill, but also provides some of that lovely warmth the cold weather makes us crave. I had this at a local Portland restaurant, Perry’s on Fremont, and have been making it at home ever since. To a bed of greens, add whatever is available: boiled or roasted potatoes, cooked asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini… Basically, whatever sounds good. I usually top it off with blue cheese crumbles, but those are optional. And sesame seeds, when I remember.


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