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What’s in Your Future?

Multi-tasking is essential for most of us. Even when we’re engaged in only one obvious task, at least a part of our minds is working on something else. I’ll be starting my annual pre-holidays housecleaning, decorating, and cooking soon, which means for the next eight weeks a lot of my writing will take place in the back of my mind. That may prove more difficult this fall and winter because I have a new writing challenge.

2pencilI don’t know if I can meet that challenge. It wasn’t my intention to try. Some of you may do it regularly. What am I talking about? I’m talking about writing two books at the same time. The first book, another women’s fiction novel, is one I had a hard time getting into, but it’s finally taken off. The second is not presently and may not end up like either of my published novels.

The WF novel is in the first draft stage. It’s one I started with the idea of seeking a traditional publishing deal. I’m no longer certain about that plan, though. I’ll make the final decision when it’s a polished work, which is months away.

The second book I’m working on is one I wrote in 2000. So, I’m not writing another first draft, but … well … You see, I have about 76,000 words that tell a pretty good story, but I don’t know if that’s the story I want to tell now. At present, it’s kind of a horror novel … with a love story … or two love stories actually. Yet it’s not a paranormal romance. Anyway. I owe a story to these great characters. But my revision is likely to become a major rewrite.

If all goes well, in 2014 I’ll have either one novel ready to query and another to self-publish or two novels ready to self-publish. Unless I drive myself insane—and then I’ll probably write a blockbuster!

What’s in your future?


9 thoughts on “What’s in Your Future?”

  1. This sounds wonderful, Linda! I really am excited that you have stuff in the works, because I want to read what you write. I’m selfish that way. So write, write, write!

    What’s in my future? Right now, I have no flipping clue. I’m getting Out of Tune out there, but all of it’s pretty much done at this point. I’m still working on stuff to get all my books re-published. Most of it’s done at this point, but I still have some major projects to finish up. I want to write, but I feel like it’s never going to happen again. Sigh.


    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Michelle. 🙂

      You’ve certainly done a lot of work in the last few weeks. You’re talented at so many things. I hope your return to self-publishing is enormously successful for you.


  2. What’s in the future? Try to get a photo exhibition show. Getting a foot in the door is much like traditional publishing – a lot of who you know.


      1. You presume right. The art gallery over at a local university campus are taking applications for a photo show next spring. Hopefully being alum of the place will help, but that may be true of the other applicants as well.


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