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First Time on Sale and It’s a Whopper!

Last week I announced I was trying something new in book selling. Unfortunately, the wires got crossed (my fault) and the promotion through eReader Buddy didn’t happen, so very few people knew about the Kindle Countdown Deal on The Brevity of Roses. But since I’d already paid for a promotion, I decided to do something I’ve never done before.

An Illusion of Trust: A woman learns to trust love by facing her traumatic childhood.For the first time ever, An Illusion of Trust is on sale at Amazon stores worldwide. And it’s not just slightly discounted—for five days I’m slashing 80% off the regular price of the eBook!

In this sequel to The Brevity of Roses, Renee Vaziri discovers that even when your dreams come true your nightmares remain.

When Renee Marshall locked the door on her dark past and married Jalal Vaziri, she hoped for a quiet life in a California coastal town. Now, with a sexy, adoring, wealthy husband, one beautiful child and another on the way, she dares to believe happily ever after could be her future. But doors don’t always stay locked. As the stress of living in Jalal’s high-society world increases, the traumas of Renee’s past begin to poison the present and threaten to destroy everything she treasures.

Is it her imagination or is Jalal keeping a secret that will end their marriage and rip her children from her life? And could it involve Diane, the woman who reminds Renee too much of Jalal’s beloved first wife?

Remember that you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. The Kindle reader app is free to download for your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can even read it straight from the Cloud in your browser.


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