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Can you have too much time to write?

Many of you serious writers work a day job and/or have small children or others in your care or are active in social, political, or religious organizations. You’ve learned to make excellent use of the few hours a week you have for practicing your craft. No doubt you’re prone to daydreaming, but even when you’re fully engaged in the present, your subconscious Muse is at work, preparing for your next writing stint. Ideally, when that time comes, you block out the world around you and productively enter your writing zone.

wink_clockI, on the other hand, have very few constraints on my writing time. For the most part, I’m free to do what I wish with my time. And what I wish to do is write. I have little interest in any other pursuit. So, I write. Most days I spend several hours in a fictional world. That’s 24/7. That’s good and bad.

Partly, I feel I’m making up for lost time. After all, I was not one of those amazing writers who produce work despite day job, care-giving, and other obligations. I didn’t pursue writing seriously until I was already fifty-eight years old! I’d written only some stories and poems and finished one novel before then. Maybe I’ve earned these long writing hours—like accrued vacation days or something.

And maybe I have little time left in this incarnation—or in this somewhat sanely functioning mind. Right now, I have three novels in the works and I confess that’s made me wonder if this is my last gasp, so to speak. Yes, that’s morbid. What can I say? I’m a fiction writer; imagination is my game.


Back to the title of this post. When, like me, you have few interests outside of writing and little self-discipline, maybe having an abundance of free time is not such a great thing. In the first place, it’s not like I’m cranking out a mountain of work. I write on the computer. My computer has internet access. I’m easily distracted—Words With Friends, Candy Crush, Facebook links, anyone? (And before you suggest I disconnect the Internet, see the part about lack of self-discipline.)

Secondly, the problem with living inside my head so much is that I talk less. Sometimes, I forget to speak at all. Frequently, my husband lets me know that if I answered his question, I did so only in my mind.

On the occasions I’m in a room with several people conversing and a comment comes to mind, often I stop to analyze it: editing the word choices, considering the implications (how stupid I’ll sound) if I say it, wondering whether anyone will get my sense of humor … and by then the conversation has moved on and I’ve said nothing at all. (Obviously, this is why I fail at social media like Twitter and Facebook and Google+.)

So if you bemoan the lack of writing time, take heart. Know that making good use of the time you have is preferable to being an obsessed, undisciplined, self-indulgent mute like me.

Not that I want to give up any of my “writing” time … not when it could result in scintillating blog posts like this! 😉


9 thoughts on “Can you have too much time to write?”

  1. Writing is sudden burst for some people. But people who are established writers have their own ways to do it, The real deal is to find out our comfort zone and yes I agree with you self discipline.


  2. In the same boat, you and me…except for the fact you have three books and I don’t have anything except a stockpile of stories, yet to be polished. Maybe not quite the same boat perhaps. I’m the one messing about and you are sailing!


    1. As writers, Liz, are we ever really just “messing about”? If we’re writing, we’re learning something, we’re improving our craft. When it’s time, I think you’ll take the next step. 🙂


  3. Hello, stranger. How have you been? Thanks for posting. I just emerged from writer’s cave and thought I would make a few surprise visits. Interesting post. I kind of wish I had your problem, but I think I get what you’re saying: watch what you wish for. Who knows? Perhaps an over abundance of extra time would cause me to lose my drive and become easily distracted… Squirrel!
    I’ve missed you. I hope you and yours are well. Best of luck with all of that juggling you’re doing, my friend. Hopefully I will be around more often than I have of late. In any event, you know where to find me.



    1. Hi, Jimmy. 🙂 Yes, I saw your post. I read them all, I’m just bad at commenting. Mute, you know. 😉 I’m sorry you’ve had so little time to “play.” You’re still ahead of me in completing novels, though. I hope your schedule opens up soon. But I confess, I say that a little selfishly. I’ll be looking for beta readers for my supernatural when it’s finished.


  4. I have a feeling if I had more time, I would write less.But that doesn’t stop me from wishing for more time all the time. Sometimes we can get great ideas from social media sites and by not speaking but listening instead.(I need to do more of that, I can imagine all the ideas I’ve missed by talking too much) I believe you have many more stories in you to share with the world.


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