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Writing at the speed of ???

I realize this is only the end of November, but I know from past years I won’t get much writing done in December, so I think I can predict this year’s work results. I certainly won’t have three ready-to-publish books as I’d hoped. I expect to end the year with one publish-ready manuscript; another stuck in revision, and one incomplete first draft.


Writing, editing, revising, and polishing a manuscript in one year is a first for me. If I’d worked only on the completed romantic comedy, I’m sure I could have cut that time by a couple of months. Yet, according to indie book marketing advice, even ten months turnaround time is not competitive. Sigh.

Now, as I work through a final polish on that romantic comedy, I find myself doubting. This is my first time to write a book that falls squarely in the romance category—maybe even crossing over into older New Adult romance. It’s also my first attempt at comedy. So I guess I’m entitled to a few doubts. The coming months will show whether those doubts were justified.

Another concern about this story is whether I should publish it under a different name. My first two books are serious women’s fiction—book club fiction, if I may call it that. My half-finished manuscript will be the same. By publishing this under the same author name, would I risk receiving bad reviews from readers expecting this next book to be the same genre as the first two?

Yes, of course, the cover, book description, and preview will make it obvious this book is a different genre, but unfortunately, not all readers pay close attention before they buy. Then again, is it worth creating a pseudonym for just one book? Though I had a blast writing this one and would love to write another or more, as yet, I don’t have an idea for a second romantic comedy.

Oh well, I have time to decide. When I’m done with this polish, I’ll have to write a book description (pure torture) and create the cover—which looks fantastic in my head.

I hope you’re feeling good about the first eleven months of this year and the last month will put the cherry on top. For those of you in the U.S.—Happy Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Writing at the speed of ???”

  1. I can´t wait to read your romantic comedy. I would stay with the same name. it shows you can diversify. You´ve done well this year. I´m happy with the first 11 months but there have been some huge changes for me this year. Lots to be thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  2. Yet, according to indie book marketing advice, even ten months turnaround time is not competitive.

    May I ask how often a writer is expected to publish? I’ve assumed a writer would want to publish a polished manuscript whether it be self-published or through a publisher.


    1. David, I agree a writer should only publish polished work, but with the self-publishing boom the number of new books published yearly is astounding, so it seems to become and remain visible an author needs to publish often. I think it used to be the norm for an author to publish one book every two years, but now even traditional publishers expect a book each year … or more if you write in certain genres. Those who self-publish in those genres try to get out two or more books each year, which seems to be no problem for those who write quickly.


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