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March of Writing Madness

Lately, my writing life resembles the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Not only was January a wasted writing month for me, but we’re well into March and I’ve started taking backward steps in the final work on my romantic comedy. I’m no longer satisfied with the title or cover idea, and I’m having a devil of a time writing a killer back cover blurb. It’s all gone insane.

I’m trying not to get superstitious and consider these setbacks a sign I should set this book aside. After all, I have another book ready for final prep. But it’s not my usual genre and will be published under a pseudonym. So I’d really hoped to get another women’s fiction book out there first, even if it’s a much lighter read than my first two.

The titles The Brevity of Roses and An Illusion of Trust came to me without much of a struggle. They’re taken from lines in the books. But this new book has a completely different voice. Chelsea, my main character isn’t given to deep thinking and poetic language. She wears flip-flops and hoodies and says, “Ohmygod” and “Seriously?” That’s not to say she’s without depth.

Chelsea’s had a bad first year after graduating college. She lost her self-confidence. Now she’s about to lose her independence. But she has a hobby—spying on her new upstairs neighbor Jeremy, a sexy but secretive Brit. Oops … sorry, slipped back into blurb crafting mode.


As usual, it’s my lack of marketing know-how that’s brought me to my knees. Titles and covers and blurbs, oh my. I’ve improved at being able to view my work as a product rather than art, but I still don’t know what words and images will help them sell. (You’d think watching six-and-a-half seasons of Mad Men would have had a positive effect.)

So, I find myself all discombobulated at a time I thought I’d be assured and ready to launch another book. I’ll just have to keep adding to my list of possible titles, hoping one will shoot off fireworks. As for the cover, well, I might have a viable new idea, but I can’t finish it without a title. And I’ll keep moving words in and out and around in the blurb. What else can I do?

I do hope March is working out fantastic for you!


6 thoughts on “March of Writing Madness”

  1. My Kindle is sitting in antiipation of your next book. I am sure the title will come to you – and hopefully soon, so that you can put your mind at rest.


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