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A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Start to the Month of May

You all know fiction writers are a little crazy, right? I mean, we make stuff up and call it work! It is work, of course. Making make believe believable is danged hard work. Well, just so I can drive myself a little crazier, I decided to put my first two novels on sale. This rock-bottom price sale on The Brevity of Roses and An Illusion of Trust will run for one week on Amazon US and UK. Rock bottom means 99-cents or 99-pence! That’s right—less than a dollar or a pound, so get ‘em now. Just click on the book covers below.

The Brevity of Roses: A man discovers himself through the two women he loves. An Illusion of Trust: A woman learns to trust love by facing her abusive childhood.

tea_front_widgetI may bite my fingernails to the quick this month. My romantic comedy, High Tea & Flip Flops, is still vying for a Kindle Scout publishing contract. Have you nominated it yet? If each person who’s subscribed to this blog clicked the book cover –> and then hit that pretty turquoise Nominate Me button, Amazon would really be impressed! And I’d be ever so grateful. Over the moon grateful. Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow grateful. No joke. (And don’t forget: if you help my book win, Amazon will give you a free copy!)

Promoting three books while I’m working on a fourth is … you know … crazy. So, of course, that’s what I’m doing. I’ve just about finished another edit of my romantic supernatural thriller. (Say what?) I’ve wrangled a new beta reader for this one. She’s a voracious reader, but not a writer, so her feedback will give me a different perspective than usual at this stage. Then, after another revision/edit, I’ll have to find another beta or two willing to read this dark tale.

So … that’s how my month has started. I hope you have good things in store for you this May.


8 thoughts on “A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Start to the Month of May”

  1. Well, crazy is the only way to go, Linda. I mean, really, who wants to be normal? Great idea to have a “reader-only” beta reader. That way you’ll get a true reader’s perspective. Can’t wait to read your romantic supernatural thriller. Boy, oh, boy, you’re one adventurous woman!


  2. May is a month for being crazy in the northern hemisphere and for setting inside to write here in the southern hemisphere. Have already purchased and read both of your books and waiting on tenterhooks for the third.


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